Ecotour in Cam Thanh village in Hoi An

Being a wonderful destination in Vietnam, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Hoi An is one of the cities not to have been destroyed during the war and has also retained a lot of charm despite the growing tourism. It is characterized by well – preserved old house, find cuisine and an enchanting natural. This town takes you undoubtedly one surprise.

camthanh village

But Hoi An still hides a lot of unusual beauty in the surroundings that fascinate those who love the authentic discoveries. Do not hesitate to take time to go to the Cam Thanh village to admire the scenery while learning about the daily life of local, walking or cycling.

village ecotour camthanh

Located 3km from Hoi An town, Cam Thanh is a village water and mangrove palms. With its beautiful scenery and its people very endearing, Cam Thanh has become a new destination for fans of humans contact and natural discovery.

What to see and to do in the Cam Thanh village?

camthanh village ecotour

-         You will do a bike tour around the villages to live in peace of the countryside, contemplate the beautiful landscapes hidden behind the water palm forest.

-         You will visit several carpentry shops to explore the famous art of wood carving or families who practice the craft of mesh of basket boats or make rice noodles, a main ingredient of the famous dish “ My Quang” ( Quang noodle).

-         You’ll especially the opportunity to learn to row, to catch crabs and throw nets as a true Vietnamese fisherman. And if you’re lucky, after removing the net, you will reap some fish.

-         During this tour, you will have lunch at home stay in the shade of coconut trees.

Ecotour in Cam Thanh village promise a trip filled with emotions!


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