Ecotour at Dam Chuon in Tam Giang lagoon in Hue

Hue has long been known as a city with its rich history, classified by UNESCO. However, a cultural discovery is still insufficient to describe the beauty of this enchanting land. Come to Hue and try an authentic experience in a peaceful Dam Chuon lagoon.

Dam chuon ecotour

Located 18 km from Hue city, Dam Chuon is part of the Tam Giang lagoon system which converges three major rivers: the Perfume River, the O Lau river and Bo river before they flow into the sea by Thuan An esturary. Here, people live mainly at the expense of the tide. The pace of daily life remains very slow and peaceful.

What to do in Dam Chuon?

A boat trip

An excursion by boat allows you to immerse yourself in an untouched nature and contemplate the poetic beauty of this place in peace. Certainly you are seduced at first sight.

dam chuon lagoon

Participation in the work of local fishermen.

dam chuon

This tour also gives you the opportunity to get inside the lives of fishermen living for generations on the water. Particularly for those who like to discover a traditional boarding a fishing sampan to pick themselves the fish, crabs and shrimp as a true fisherman, it’s certainly an original and so unforgettable experience.

Tasting seafood in restaurant built on bamboo pile.


Your discovery ends with a good meal in a restaurant “thousand star” built outdoors on bamboo stakes. There, you have the opportunity to taste totally fresh and delicious seafood while contemplating the sunset on the horizon.

Go live in perfect harmony with nature in this peaceful countryside in Hue with us. Please contact us for more information. Your trip to Vietnam will be more prominent.


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