Top reasons you should visit Cambodia at once

Cambodia is one of the nicest countries which highly recommended for your Indochina tour.  Here we would like to share with you the main reasons for travelling to Cambodia.

1.Angkor Watt

Talking about Cambodia, you all know that, it is King of Wonder.  Angkor Watt is the most attractive destination and must-see visit when you travel to Cambodia. Your trip seems not to be completed if you haven’t included this place into your itineary. As you will find there must be reasons for Cambodia to be one of the biggest Buddhist and most sacred countries in the world!

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2.Ancient history

History of Cambodia is not so long as another cultries but to appreciate and understand Cambodia better, one needs to step back into its tumultuous history, under the Khmer Rouge rule. If history is something that interests you, Cambodia will not disappoint. Cambodia once used to be a territory of the Khmer Empire, and so you’ll see the entire country speckled with remarkable palaces, temples and mysterious ancient ruins, along with gory killing fields and prisons.


The most highlight and delicious food in Cambodia comes from Khmer people with humble and comforting. Cambodia is truly, a heaven for foodies. Be it delicious street food, fresh seafood, sauces, juicy burgers, rice and noodle preparations, curries, fresh juices, and what not, Cambodia has it all. They have their unique local flavours, and yes, the food is amazingly cheap.

4.Bustling markets

The shopaholic in you will be thrilled by the lively and vibrant markets strewn across the country. These congested, narrow markets, are home to more goods than you can possibly imagine. Right from clothes to local delicacies to arts and crafts, these markets have it all.

5.Pristine beaches and islands

Why flock the crowded beaches and islands of Thailand, when you can get all that in Cambodia, too? That too with lesser crowds! Cambodia is home to numerous stunning and sparse beaches and islands including Sihanoukville, Kep, Koh Rong, Koh Samloem, Otres Beach or Koh Tonsay, which can pretty much give the other Asian beach destinations a run for their money!

6.The floating villages

Yes! Not one village but three! Chong Khneas, Kampung Phluk, Kampung Khleang are the floating villages of Cambodia. Visiting these scenic beauties is a welcome break from the temples, historical monuments and other ‘touristy’ places.

7.Cambodia is a safe country

Whether you are family traveller, luxury travel, honeymooner or a solo woman traveller, rest assured; you don’t have to worry about safety. More so in the bigger towns, for you will always find lots of tourists visiting Cambodia at any given point of time

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