Top things to do in Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc island is famous and known as the best beach destination in Vietnam. There are a lot of things that you can do there. Here I list for you top things you can to in Phu Quoc island.


Being the largest island of Vietnam, the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Cambodia, the island of Phu Quoc is definitely a great place for relaxation. You will be happy to enjoy your holiday in Vietnam in one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam


There are opportunities to snorkel or scuba mask just with fins and snorkel (snorkeling). You will find all the indications for this type of activity directly in your hotel. However, the marine life is not very rich, we prefer to advise you not to choose Phu Quoc if you just dive in. You will come across the classic reef fish, but you will quickly find the lack of large and moderate variety of corals. You can contact Rainbow Divers are the only ones to organize diving on the island.

phu quoc top things to do

3.Discovery Phu Quoc island by a motorcycle:

For those seeking an alternative to idleness, do not hesitate to rent a scooter for an adventurous tour in Phu Quoc.

4.Visiting farms pearl.

Phu Quoc produces many high quality pearls. The visit of these farms is not really something easy to do alone because tour groups with guides are privileged.

5.Phu Quoc dogs Farms:

A peculiarity in Phu Quoc is the dogs. We see them wandering all over the island: on the street, at the beach, market ... They are not intended to restaurants but are excellent companions. They say they are very smart dogs, very brave, very nice and emotional.

6.The waterfalls

There are 2 sites offering magnificent waterfalls hidden deep in the jungle. The dry season inevitably disappoint because the waters courts are dry.

7.Fishing for squid

Fishing for squid is an experience that you don’t forget in your Vietnam tour. To attract them, fishermen use large lamps and illuminate the water. A myriad boats enlightening water give an amazing impression at night.

8. Nuoc Mam factories

Phu Quoc is a destination where there the best Nuoc Mam product in Vietnam. Visiting Nuoc Mam factories will be a great time for you.

9. Night market in Duong Dong

From the sunset, many restaurants lining the road from the center Duong Dong presents their fish and seafood on the sidewalk. It’s easy for you to taste seafood there.

10. Discovery Phu Quoc National Park.

The Phu Quoc national park, created in 2001 by the Vietnamese government, covers more than half of the island. The best way to visit the park is to book a tour with the hotel as most of trails are not well marked. This is not a good idea to visit the park when it rains heavily.

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