Top things to do in Cat Ba island

Cat Ba is the largest island in Halong area and this is my list of top thing to do in Cat Ba island. It’s difficult to find difference between Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay (southeast of Cat Ba island). You will see the karst rocks emerming turquoise water everywhere which created a landscape breathtaking. In fact, a lot of travelers prefer to go to Cat Ba island than Halong Bay. When coming to Cat Ba island, there are a lot of things you can not miss.

1. Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay
Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay is a great experience and Cat Ba island with its Lan Ha Bay is the best place for kayaking. The sea wave is not large, with limestone preventing wind. Kayaking to discover lagoons is the best way to immerse yourself in the spectacular nature.
Note: you can rent a boat for a cruise and kayaking in Lan Ha Bay. Renting a kayak cost around 10USD per day.

2. Cruising in Lan Ha Bay and visit floating fishing villages.
Unlike Ha Long Bay, you will see many floating fishing village in Lan Ha Bay. Thanks to the high density of karst rocks that create the tranquility of this area. Taking a cruise in Lan Ha Bay is an experience not to be missed when coming to Cat Ba island.
Note: You can rent a junk for 2 or 3 days to really immerse yourself in another world. Choose a boat with the terrace where you can lie on a sun-deck chair enjoying the wonderful scenery.

3. Do nothing on a secluded beach (on Monkey island, Cat Ong island, Prince’s Island).
Cat Ba island is the largest island in Ha Long Bay. When you rent a boat in Cat Ba, you can stop on another deserted island. You can lie, do nothing and watch the sunset. You will find that it’s a magical moment.

Cat ba thing to do

4. See the overview of bays from island top.
Fort Cannon on Cat Ba island is the perfect place to have an overview of bays and islands. A telescope is available there..
Note : The entrance fee for the fort cannon is 70.000 VND ( 3,5 USD). To get there, you must climb a hill by the concrete road. You can also rent a motorcycle to the top of the hill (cost 4-5 USD).

5. Discover Cat Ba island by motorcycle.
The motorcycle is the best way to move on Cat Ba island. You can rent a motorcycle, priced at about 5 USD for a tour in the island. The main road is the longest and the most beautiful road of Cat Ba. During the walk, you will see the green forest on 2 roadsides, caves and sea…

6. Enjoy a nighlife in “ The good bar” at the center of Cat Ba.
On Cat Ba island, there are some bars and nightclubs where “ the good bar” is the most famous. It was created by young foreigners. From 20h untin 2h a.m, you can enjoy music and a cheap drink. It is also the meeting place for foreigners.

7. Hike the Cat Ba National Park
There are 2 routes to discover this park, a road for half day and a road for full day. Most travelers choose the easy route, but you can choose longer route if you like adventure.

8. Cycling to the Viet Hai fishing village.
Viet Hai fishing village is the oldest fisherman on the Cat Ba island. Cycling to the village will be pleasant, with one hour round trip within the Cat Ba National Park. You can rent bikes at the port of Vietnam, at the village entrance.
Note: From the Cat Ba center, you can rent a boat to go to Viet Hai village. If not, the village is accessible by a trek for a half day from the center of Cat Ba National Park.

9. Homestay at Phu Long village.
With only 4 USD per person, you can stay at the inhabitant in the village of Phu Long, 25 km from Cat Ba center. This is the best way to learn local life and talk with local people. It’s also a good opportunity to visit the cave, the market and the common house Phu Long.

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