The reasons to book a Vietnam holiday with a travel agent

Some people think that if you plan your trip, you are not flexible anymore and lose your freedom. However, the experience and practice have proved the opposite to be true. If you leave home with a good plan, it doesn’t mean you have to follow it all the way. It gives you a better idea of the options within your own limits of time and money.  

Did you never have the feeling while you were traveling that you were ‘running out of time’ to see everything you wanted to see? Back home you used several travel guide books and spend hours on surfing the internet to plan your trip and list a number of destinations in each country. But during your trip you found out that there are some more beautiful places to see and visit. Or you met great people and even you would like to stay in a city longer than planned so you will have to cut out some of those as in your note.ed

And also you prefer to travel alone instead of booking an organized tour in order to discover new lands yourself. But we have also learned that it can be very handy to have at least a travel schedule to make the trip easier. Especially when you don't have much time but still want to see a lot...

vietnam tailor made tour

Due to our own regular travel experiences in Viet Nam, we had the Vietnam tour packages and Viet Nam customized tour. We can even help you with contact information for a tour in Viet Nam, and Indochina.

We can help you to plan a tour in Viet Nam. Some of our customized tour options include:
    * We can help you to do everything such as booking hotels and (private) transportation as well as arranging your own private tour. This tour can be for yourself, you and your partner, your family, your company or any group of people. Let us know your plans and we will make you a personalized offer.
    * You can also hire your own private tour leader during your tour. He/she will help you to arrange transport and hotel. This is a great option for companies or groups of friends who want a real adventure tour, with this option it will be able to stay longer in your favorite places and vice versa.
    * If you don't find your tour from our service, please create your own personal tour. We are really glad to prepare a thoughtful customized tour for you as soon as possible. Send an e-mail to the following direction: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please remember to make your email include the answers to the questions below which can help us to prepare better:

1.    How much time do you have?
2.    What are places that you would really like to visit?
3.    What is your general interest? Do you prefer culture, nature, cities, or a bit of everything?
4.    How is your health status?
5.    What is more or less your budget that you want to spend?

We will do our best to create a reasonable travel schedule. Starting with a good plan will save you time and avoid worries. We are your home and always ready to serve! Have a great travel experience!

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