Top 4 pretty villages not to be missed during your Vietnam tour

Recently, the beauty of the countryside of the province Phu Yen is traced like a painting on a Vietnamese film. In Vietnam, there are also many other charming villages which you can visit during your Vietnam tour. Moreover, visiting the Vietnamese village is the best way to discover the Vietnamese culture and learn more about the daily life of Vietnamese people.

1. The fishing village of Cua Van ( Ha Long, Quang Ninh)


According to the magazine Travel and Leisure tourism, Cua Van is one of the 10 best coastal destinations, while the Huffington Post newspaper voted on a list of villages, beautiful small towns and Journeyetc travel site is in a list of 16 most beautiful old towns in the world.

2. The village Tra Que in Hoi An, Quang Nam

traque village

Was top 10 destinations not to be missed on your Vietnam tour, published by the daily Le Figaro. Located 3 km north of the city of Hoi An, Quang Nam province, the Tra Que village has existed for 300 years, surrounded by the De Vong River. The Tra Que village is famous for so long with more than 20 kinds of vegetables and herbs. For year, a lot of people already know the image of groups of foreign tourists who visit the village by bicycle and try to be a farmer.

3. Duong Lam ancient village ( Son Tay, Hanoi)

duong lam village tour

There are total 956 old houses in the village Dong San, Mong Phu and Cam Thinh. Many houses dating 400 years, was built with traditional materials like bee rock, wood...Duong Lam ancient village was the first village to be recognized in 2006 as " national historic relic". With artistic and architectural characteristics of a typical rural village of the Red River Delta, it has become an attractive site in your Vietnam holiday. Today, Duong Lam ancient village keeps all specific ancient Vietnamese village banyan temples, communal house, rice fields. From the port village, you can feel the warmth and the peace of the village.

4. The fishing village of Ham Ninh

hamninh fishing village

Ham Ninh is an ancient village with picturesque houses, nestled at the foot of the mountain Ham Ninh, Phu Quoc. The first impression of the fishing village of Ham Ninh is like being back past where exists only in folk history. You not only revel in the calm and quiet area, the picturesque nature, but you can learn the cultural life of fisherman at sea. It's an unforgettable experience during your Vietnam holiday.


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