The most beautiful beaches for a perfect Vietnam honeymoon tour

With some 3400 km of coastline where white sand beaches, lagoons, creeks but also several tropical islands, Vietnam is an ideal place to spend a honeymoon. To discover one by one its heavenly places, here is a list of the most beautiful beaches where you can enjoy your Vietnam honeymoon tour. The best would be to visit them all if you have time enough and necessary budget.

Phu Quoc

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On this small island of Vietnam that we can discover the most beautiful beaches in the country. Lan Ong Beach, Bai Sao, Long Beach are all amazing places to discover. A lush, tropical jungle comes to decorate this littles paradise Phu Quoc. A destination not to be missed to immortalize your honeymoon. Couples passionate about scuba diving will enjoy themselves here.

The nature lovers will not be outdone as Phu Quoc, they will have the opportunity to admire some species of migratory birds as well as sea birds. Swimming and fishing are also on the program for a honeymoon on the island. Read more Phu Quoc travel guide.

Nha Trang

nha trang

Fine sand, clear water, waves with golden reflections stretch along a hundred kilometers of coastline. As a bonus, an ideal climate for holidays in the sun with friends. Nha Trang is one of the most loved by tourist. In addition to swimming and visiting the surrounding islands, many activities are present in Nha Trang. But a honeymoon is especially made for relaxation, couples will enjoy their stay in this small seaside paradise surrounded by mountains.

Coconut palms, turquoise sea and beautiful seabed, can we ask for more? The beauty of the place is enhanced by the stunning views we have on the neighboring islands on which one can also make a quiet stay, away from the hubbub of the city. Read more about Nha Trang travel guide

Cat Ba

cat ba

Located in the Gulf of Tonkin in the heart of Halong Bay, Cat Ba is packed with a multitude of sandy beaches which are backed by gigantic cliffs overlooking some time the impression of being in a remote place world Cup. The UNESCO declared the archipelago of Cat Ba and its 366 islands as a world biosphere reserve.

During a honeymoon in Cat Ba, the honeymooner will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge a little more of the country by mingling with the natives in small fishing villages. Hiking through the scenic trails of the island but also swimming and lazing on the beach will delight more than one. To truly mark the occasion and remember the past stay in Cat Ba, a romantic cruise in Halong Bay is a must. Learn more Cat Ba travel guide.

Con Dao

con dao

The beach at Con Dao is one of the best in Vietnam, making it a destination for a honeymoon. A Con Dao, besides the beach, trekking, observation of nature but also cultural visits occupy the day of lovers. You can relax on the beaches still wild, and enjoy a beautiful sunset to two. The Con Dao archipelago also has a rich fauna and flora.

We must take advantage of his stay on these heavenly islands to enjoy typical Vietnamese dishes. Remembering a trip to Con Dao, tourists love to bring back tropical almond grains to their relatives. For those for whom eco-tourism is a subject dear to their heart, spend a honeymoon in Con Dao will prove very rewarding.

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