The best time to travel to Vietnam during Tet holiday

Tet holiday - the longest and most awaited moment festival in Vietnam, so prepare for this festival plays a really important role. All Vietnamese believe that we will have a good year if we prepare well for the New Year. Traveling to Vietnam and seeing the Vietnamese prepares for Tet holiday is an experience unforgettable for your life.


tet holiday vietnam


1. Going to the market.

Each day, the Vietnamese used to go to the market to buy some products necessary for the daily life. However, the preparations for Tet is an exceptional opportunity. Tet market are not only a place for commercial exchange, but also create an atmosphere full of animation festival. So we like to go there to buy all the necessary products for Tet and feel Tet arrives. Moreover, in Tet market, it's very easy to buy flowers to decorate the house. The Tet market is surely the most favorite destinations of the Vietnamese.

2. Decorate our house.

Tet holiday is very important to the Vietnamese, so everyone wants to clean their house with beautiful decorations on this occasion. The Vietnamese chooses carefully peach blossom tree, kumquat tree and orange tree. This fruit and flowers symbolize fertility that the family hopes in the coming year. In addition, lanterns, pair of lines poetic calligraphy...are also good choices to decorate the house and bring spring atmosphere to the home.

3. Cooking traditional dishes

We are always proud of the richness of Vietnamese cuisine. Many of our traditional dishes become famous in many countries such as : sticky rice, banh chung ( square cake rice). To prepare for Tet holiday, the whole family makes all the traditional dishes and this helps us to come over and keep traditional values from generation to generation.

The period to prepare for Tet holiday begins one or two weeks before the Tet. This is the best time to travel to Vietnam as everyone is in a very festive spirit and the streets are filled with flowers. So travel to Vietnam this time will promise you a great chance to learn more about the Vietnamese culture. Let us help you create a perfect Vietnam tour before Tet period by sending us your request via : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will have a great chance to discover culture of the Vietnamese

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