Visit the Mekong Delta and try famous brand cakes

Tourists from everywhere coming to Vietnam admire not only the culture and festivals of the ethnic groups Khmer, King, Hoa living in the province of Mekong Delta, but also can enjoy food flavoured by the three different groups living here.

Besides the delicious food the tourist places are also breathtaking and anyone touring Vietnam will be amazed by its natural beauty.

Along Chau Thanh and My Xuyen districts in Soc Trang, travellers will find 2 peculiarities in Soc Trang selected the top 10 famous snacks in Vietnam. It is Cong cake and Pia cake. Pia Cake in Soc Trang is famous with such brands as Hue Tan Vien, Tan Hung, Quang Tran and Cong Lap Thanh. Pia cakes are made from durian, green bean, taro, lard, salted duck egg yolks, wheat flour, and the cakes are refined through the machine production lines and skilful hands of the bakers so as to have beautiful and delectable cakes. It is fantastic to taste a piece of Pia cake smells with durian combined with hot green tea.

Cong cake is made from green beans, rice flour, ground cloves, soybeans, pork, fresh coconut, green onion. The cake is well fried and looks very interesting. When eating the cake is rolled with favourite vegetables, sweet and sour fish sauce a bit spicy is just unbeatable. The cake is best served hot and crispy, brings an enjoyable feeling.

After a tour of the Soc Trang tourist places, delight the above specialties, tourists will enjoy a specialty dish listed in Vietnam.
Ingredients to make Vermicelli soup includes snakehead fish, bean sprouts, shrimps, spinach, fresh coconut, banana flower, lemongrass plant, mints, fish sauce, fresh water, noodles, especially indispensable in noodle soup is the liquid made from colourful fish sauce, this material makes the soups tasty and attracting the tourists when visiting Soc Trang.

In addition to the famous specialities above, visitors in their tours to Vietnam cannot miss the many attractive dishes such as: sesame cake, sausage. These are the kinds of gifts travellers can buy the friends and family members. Visitors visiting Soc Trang in the evening will enjoy the rustic but no less tempting, such as tube cake and pineapple cake. On the festivals of the Khmer people there are also sticky rice flour mixed with eggs, add a little fresh lemon juice, mix all together and beat thoroughly, then bend the mixture into a very tasteful and odorous cake.

Besides, there are a number of other unique dishes such as fried snakehead fish in Nga Nam, multi-pack of noodles, baked spring rolls, dried buffalo meat, grill beef, hot pot with steamed fish are attractive for visitors to explore and enjoy.

When you travel to Vietnam, one of those "must see places" is the Mekong Delta. This succulent and prolific land where the Mekong River spreads into a whole network of channels as it nears the ocean is almost entirely used for agriculture, and the local people who work in this land live on the islands between all of the waterways. It is a unique place, where you can roam through villages and among rice fields and orchard, paddle through natural canals and float around in busy floating markets.

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