4 Top Destinations When You Need To Avoid the Crowds

Vietnam is quickly becoming a centre for travel in Southeast Asia. Although not as heavily commercialised as Thailand and Malaysia, there isn't any doubt it's getting there with the increasing number of tourist arrivals every year. While a number of you might despair at the idea of throngs of people ruining your holidays in Vietnam, it will be good to find out that Vietnam still has lots of places that are away from the beaten path. Likewise there are lots of ways to stay away from the heavy crowd in more popular spots during your Vietnam vacation. Below are some places you can visit with the help of Indochinavalue.com, one of the best Vietnam tour operators with many interesting Vietnam tour packages.


Sa Pa:

Located in Vietnam's remote north-western mountain region, Sa Pa is illustrious for its scrumptious and tough scenery, and ethnicvariety. The beautiful area hostsa lot of rice terraces, hill tribes and thickvegetation. It is quite close to Vietnam's highest peak, Fan Si Pan. While the town itself might get packed at timesyou can avoid this by exploring the countryside areas, which will take you more than a day's walk to reach.

My Son:

Found 43 miles southwest of Da Nang, My Son contains the ruins of the Champa civilisation, that have been recognized to exist between the 4th and 14th centuries. The Hindu-influenced complex was used for religious ceremonies for kings. It was also a burial site for members of Cham royalty along with their national heroes. Beholding the most ancient structures still seen in the country will be a fun Vietnam trip for history enthusiasts. Keep in mind that the area could get a bit packed so you should try heading there very early in the day (preferably at sunrise) if you want to beat the crowd and heat.

Bai Tu Long National Park:

Found next to its more famous counterpart, Ha Long Bay, the area also has Ha Long's gorgeous scenery of islands, seas, and rocks. The only difference is, it's not as crowded. Furthermore, the park houses five distinct ecosystems: Rain Broad Leaves Forest, Littoral Ecosystem, sedimentary rock Forest, Corals, and Shallow Water. Some areas, especially the Shallow Water area, have yet to be totally explored by researchers.

Bach Ma National Park:

If you want a piece of untamed Vietnamese nature, this location is for you. Located some 56 miles north of Hoi An, the lovely park is an example for biodiversity with its vegetation-filled valleys, dense jungles, and stunning views of the beaches. Don't forget to bring a hat along with plenty of bottled water, and a rain jacket during the hike as the area is one of the rainiest in Vietnam.

There are many more places you could visit in Vietnam that aren't very congested, and ways to steer clear of too many tourists in more popular regions. It helps to do some research before your trip to Vietnam, check information at Indochinavalue.com for suggestions and travellers' info. You can also ask our Vietnam tour operator or other people you know who were there; they'll be the best people to offer you first-hand reports on what you should expect when you arrive in Vietnam.

Final Tips for the travellers:

Prior to going, pay attention to a few considerations to ensure a smooth holiday to Vietnam. The visitors need to take care to dress decently, avoid embarrassing your hosts or be overly camera-happy. Avoid discussing political topics, particularly those about the Vietnam War. Finally, remember to avoid showing off your wealth as it is unmannered to them, and it can make you a maintarget for abductors. Bear in mind these things and you will most likely enjoy your Vietnam holidays.


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