Delight with three famous dishes in North Vietnam

What makes Vietnamese food special? After an eating Vietnam tour with, it's the freshly herbs and lousy fish sauce that you cannot un-smell. These aromatic elements play asignificant role in just about every dish in the Vietnamese cuisine.Each dish could really have its own bottled fragrance.


Some would call Vietnamese food simple, and it typically is. You will travel Vietnam up and down the country—spending time in Hanoi, Hoi An, Saigon, and the Mekong Delta. Despite the diverged landscape of Vietnam, most of the food come back to that appropriate proportion of herbs, sweetness, bitterness, sourness, and the almighty fish sauce. As with other delicious southeast Asian cuisines, it's all aboutthe cooling and heating, the sweet and salty, the fresh and fermented.

So here are some examples of the famous dishes of North Vietnam, which will delight your mouth and the taste of these foods are really amazing.

1 - Thang Co:

Thang Co is made by Hmong people in Vietnam, Someone explained the word by Chinese-Vietnamese pronunciation –the dish Thang Co means soup of bones and is very delicious.

Materials to make Thang Co may be bone and bowels of cows or horses. People in the northern mountainous regions such as Ha Giang , Lao Cai , Yen Bai , when they go to market usually bring a few bags of corn cake put in the basket bags and buy a bowl of Thang Co, that is a full quality meal.

Processing Thang Co is simple . Cow or horse after slaughter , One filters the hams and muscles apart to sell. The bones are cut to small slices. Tendons, fat and broken parts are filtered out along with curdled blood cut into small pieces plus heart, lung, liver is enough basic materials to make a Thang Co.

After a fire to boil water in a pan, one put everything into the pan and cook constantly and throw away the dirty scum on top. Thang Co is served very hot, diners have to blow to cool it down, salt or spicies are left outside , one can add as much as they like.

2 - "Cha Ruoi"in Hai Duong:

Cha Ruoi is made from the most popular ingredients. According to Vietnamese dictionary, Ruoi is a kind of worm, with little hairy body, they are born seasonal and live in breakish water. Ruoi appears the most in late September or October every year.

Hai Duong is in the Red River delta, is encircled by large rivers full of alluvion flowing out to the sea, it is the meeting point, the main junction of rivers and waves that makes breakish water. It is where the Ruoi is born. Ruoi is just impossible to raise, out of the season no one can find any Ruoi.

However in late September of early October the whole fields are full of huge Ruoi, people picks Ruoi just use a net or a racket, and if want to get more of it one has to spend a little more work. Usually one make a hole on the bank of the field and let water flow through it, and they put a net at the hole to catch Ruoi. One just stands on the bank, and bring it to market, the best of it is sold to restaurants, hotels in Hanoi, normal class is sold in local markets.

One has to know how to choose Ruoi, the Ruoi has to be pink and fat, strong and moving fast in the baskets. After beating Ruoi thoroughly into powder the Ruoi is yellow, Ruoi will be fried with eggs. Cha Ruoi is served with some spices to make it " identity " One cannot just buy additional bacon, fresh duck eggs, posing leaves, ginger , pepper , seasoning , fish sauce especially tangerine peel.

3 - Nhech salad in Thai Binh:

In the coastal area of Thai Thuy, beside the famous seafood of Khoai fish one dish is also famous is Nhech salad. Nhech has a similar color and shape as the fresh water eel but a bit longer. The smaller Nhech is the better salad it makes as it's bones are soft, smooth and sweet. Nhech is made clean with firewood ash and leaves. Head and tail are thrown away, only the body is served. Nhech is cut into pieces, from 2-3 cm. Each piece has cuts on it, not completely off apart, then make it dry with towels and put into bowls, sprinkle with fresh chili powder, crushed galangal , rice powder and wait for the flavor to wake up.

Water to make salad taste sour and sweet, make from tomato and sugar. Nhech salad is served with vegetables such as lemon.

If you’re a little more adventurous, try these foods that have a bolder flavorful soup with lemongrass and pork. Besides these three there are many delicious cuisines for you during your Vietnam trip. You will not only amaze with the stunning destinations but also with all these delightful dishes when planning a trip to Vietnam with

Just smelling the foods of Vietnamese your mouth will be watering. So make your Vietnam travel plan ready to amaze yourself.

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