10 Tips for Travelling in Vietnam

vietnam-tours-packageHeading off to Vietnam, you really will have no idea what to expect. You can browse a guidebook or two and spent some time reading about one's experience of living in Vietnam, but like any other destination, you have to really be in Vietnam to learn its idiosyncrasies.

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So here we are providing some tips for travelling in Vietnam.


1. Pack a poncho, not a rain jacket. It is hot and slight rainy in Vietnam, and if you wear a rain jacket, you will be very warm. Vietnamese wear ponchos for a good reason-they cover the entire body but are loose enough to allow the body to take a breath. Also, wearing a poncho, you will just fit in with the crowd. Wearing a rain jacket marks you as a traveller.

2. Sit in the back for stability's sake. If you hire a car or catch a cab, sit in the back, whip on your seat belt and just avoid looking out of the windscreen. There are no specific rules when it concerns to driving in Vietnam trip, and taking a seat that allows you to watch what's in front of you is like participating in a game of life roulette.

3. Don't exchange too much money. For the most part in your Vietnam tour, things are cheap, so you may overpraise your expending at first. There are number of ATMs all over the place in the largercities, and in majority of those places, some shops are perfectly fine with accepting American dollars. We would suggest you exchange as you go or carry some American money as well as Vietnamese dong so you aren't left with a handful of local cash when you leave.

4. Wear shoes you can slip off. There are pagodas and temples everywhere, and it is admiring to strip your shoes off when you are entering to a temple. The Vietnamese wear flip-flops, so feel comfortable to do the same.

5. If staying in an air conditioned hotel, keep a pair of dressesespecially for inside. It is extremely hot and wet along the coast in Vietnam. As soon as you get out of the humidity and into someplaces with dry and cold air, clean off your sloppy clothes and replace them with something dry and comfortable so you don't become chilled.

6. Be polite, but don't hesitate to say no thanks and move on. There is definitely some pressure to buy or hop on a motorbike, but for the most part, you will find that people are willing to accept "no" as an answer. My strategy was simply to say "no, thank you" and hold up my hand if necessary to ward off any additional pleas for money. Your safety is the top priority.

7. Negotiate and write down the price of taxi rides. You will be surprised at how few people spoke English in Vietnam, so you can use your little pad of paper and pen constantly to affirm prices. If you are getting in a taxi or car without a meter, negotiation is must. You should agree on a written price with your driver before you leave.

Get benefitted with our travel tips and plan your Vietnam trip today with us. We assure you a wonderful journey with full of unforgettable memory for your lifetime.

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