Indochina-A Dream destination with wonderful cultural and natural attractions

The Indochina trip is the exploration of cultural and traditional values of Indochina and a meaningful visit an orphanage center in Vietnam. It is a great way to get a deeper understanding of the culture, history and contemporary society while enjoying stunning sceneries and cuisines. The richness in culture, tradition, natural attractions, spiritual life, and loving people make it a dream destination for tourists.

Indochina tour packages

Indochina Tour includes key attractions of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, starting from Hanoi and finishing in Luang Prabang. The natural attractions of Indochina are so captivating that visitors from outside countries get amazed by this. During Indochina Holiday you can visit from North to South of Vietnam. In Hanoi, you can explore its historic sites, busy shopping streets and cultural places, then heading to Halong Bay, a World Heritage site you must take a cruise boat in the spectacular Bay. There are several Limestone Mountains and caves and lagoons, all combined to make up one of the world’s most stunning landscapes. In the central Vietnam, you can visit Hue and Hoi-A, which are also World Heritage sites. This journey of experience will gain insights of the cultures and historical values of Vietnam, a memorable experience for a lifetime.

Indochina has a very rich culture that has been shaped by many different civilizations. Despite many long struggles, they have created their unique culture. Indochinese architecture expresses a graceful artistic of natural balance and compatibility that is distinct from any of the country's vast numbers of historic temples and monasteries. There are several traditional and religious festivals each year. The celebration consists of both raucous festivity (fireworks, drums, gongs) and quiet meditation. As a language, Indochinese is exceptionally flexible and lyrical, and poetry plays a strong role in both literature and the performing arts. The country's cuisine is anything, but delicious. Deeply influenced by the national cuisines of France, China, and Thailand, Indochinese cooking is highly innovative and makes extensive use of fresh herbs.

The Indochinese is very polite in nature and they welcome visitors with a great smile. A smile is also like a silent "thank you". Most people are very modest and deflect praise. The Indochinese family might embrace up to six generations, with everybody those are related either by blood or marriage. There is always a strong feeling of attachment between the members of the same family in spite of the generation gap. Insults to elders or ancestors are very serious and often lead to serve social ties. is a leading, trustworthy and professional tour operator, offering a wide range of Indochina tour packages to the most exciting destinations in the areas at most competitive price and can always be customized to suit your expectations and needs.

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