Get a Taste of the Wonderfully Romantic Vietnam River Cruise

A Vietnam river cruise is a marvellous experience for you and your family. The outstanding river cruises are along Mekong River in South Vietnam and Red River Delta including Ha Long Bay in North Vietnam. There are also combined Indochina cruises that take you on a longer course along Mekong covering Vietnam and Cambodia. These luxury cruises in Vietnam are specialties of Indochina travel and must never be missed.


These Indochina river cruises offer you a golden opportunity to explore peaceful fishing villages, lush green rice fields, magnificent temples and vibrant cities. Discovering the countryside of Indochina from the comforts of a luxury cruise is a rewarding occurrence to be shared with your near and dear ones. A Mekong River cruise is not only about discovering Indochina but also about discovering superlative hospitality. Well appointed guest rooms, restaurants serving multi-cuisine delicacies, lounge bars with incomparable collection of wines and spirits, and an overall flattering ambience make these yachts a formidable touring venture. Many of these vessels are endowed with libraries, swimming pool, gymnasium and even health spas to make your stay and voyage even more gratifying.

A typical Indochina luxury cruise along Mekong covers Siem Reap, Tonle Sap Lake, Phnom Penh, Sadec, Mytho and Ho Chi Minh City in about a week. Your River Mekong odyssey is complete with delicious food, soothing environment, inspiring performances and extraordinary comfort. For your staying, you could select among deluxe rooms, junior suites and family suites which are as luxurious as any star rated hotel. Food served in restaurants includes local delicacies, Continental items, and Asian varieties. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in restaurants, and if required is also served in your room. Room service in these vessels is as good as any luxury Vietnam hotel. Generally spirits and beer are served round the clock, while locally prepared wine is served at lunch and dinner.

Throughout daytime, these boats take you from one tourist destination to another allowing you sufficient time to explore each territory. There are guides in these boats that help you identify places that you pass through on your river cruise. Depending upon the importance of a place, these boats halt for several hours. You could collect souvenirs and artefacts from villages and towns that fall in your course. Handicrafts made here have distinctive Indo-Chinese influence and are noteworthy gifts.

On board cooking workshops are arranged where you could learn preparing sumptuous dishes and even share the experiences of master chefs. Discourses on local life, culture, and history are also organised to keep you occupied in your boat trip.

As a day comes to end and the sun is ready to set, you could recline in a deck chair with a hot cup of tea and feast your eyes on the myriad hues of the horizon. When darkness sets in, the interior of your luxury boat gets totally illuminated so that you know its time for magic shows, dance performances and musical concerts. You are kept entertained throughout the evening till late hours. Even film shows are arranged with blockbuster movies or documentaries on local life and culture. Performance of Apsara dance is an enchanting experience on your Vietnam luxury cruise. So, do not forget to ask your Vietnam travel agent to include this wonderful cruise journey in your Vietnam tour package.


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