Go For Red River Delta Tour While Being in Vietnam

Red River Delta tour in Vietnam ensures travellers of an enchanting experience. This delta in North Vietnam is resplendent with limestone cliffs, verdant paddy fields and ancient temples. This Vietnamese heritage with outstanding representation of local culture in the form of art, architecture and craft is an integral part of your Vietnam holiday.


Red River Delta, though smaller in extent as compared to Mekong Delta, has higher population density. It is a biosphere reserve with the largest mangrove forest in Indochina with more than thirty species. This UNESCO World Heritage Site in addition to being a biosphere reserve is also a transcendent destination for handicrafts and marine activities. Whether you are a naturalist, scholar or artist, there is something worthwhile waiting to be explored in this unspoilt delta region.

Red River Delta in Vietnam comprises wetlands, mangroves, salty marshlands, beaches and estuaries. Mangrove forest works as a cover against sea swelling which is common in this area. In addition, these forests protect sea dikes from storms and sea surges. In your Vietnam family holiday, this delta offers you an exceptional getaway from usual city tours. This biosphere reserve is a genuine delight for bird watchers. The period from October to March is particularly delightful for ornithologists as migration of birds take place during this time. Nearly eighty species of aquatic birds and forty species of shore birds frequent this Vietnam delta region. Many bird species also breed in this migration season.

Red River Delta trip is best made from Hanoi. While on Hanoi tour, you could organize an excursion to the delta region bordering South China Sea. It takes you about two hours to drive down to this deltaic region from Hanoi. March-April and October-November are the best months to visit this coastal area. Winter could become windy and chilly on certain occasions while summer is not the right time for a Red River Delta travel plan. Rain in this part of the country is quite heavy and becomes a deterrent to travel. You should ideally make a Hanoi holiday plan outside May-September period as this is the rainy season.

Red River Delta Attractions

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is the prime attraction of this deltaic region. This city is an amazing combination of Oriental charm and Western modernity. There is a distinctive French feeling about this city as reflected in the architecture of buildings belonging to French colonial times.

Vibrant green rice fields against the backdrop of limestone massifs offers a charming experience in your Tom Coc tour. As you row down canals meandering through paddy fields, the only sound you would hear is that of the oars splashing the water. Time seems to have stood still in this languorous surrounding for centuries. You could even row through three limestone caves in Tom Coc. From leisurely Tom Coc to adventurous Cat Ba Island, Red River Delta in your Vietnam travel offers you this immense variation. You could test your adrenaline by climbing rocks or hiking through this national park. In case you are of the gentler kind, you could go for boat rides or bird watching. This should prompt you to contact a Vietnam travel agent now.

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