Indochina’s Must-see Destinations

Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos make up what we popularly know as Indo-China.Historically, all these three nations were French colonies with the local inhabitants strongly influenced by the cultures of both India and China. These countries located in South East Asia represent the typical Oriental culture of rhythm, charm, and exuberance.Its natural brilliance, architectural magnificence and cultural enthusiasm become a source of inspiration for millions of tourists coming on Indochina holidays.


Best of Vietnam

Vietnam offers a unique blend of oriental traditionalism and western modernity.Naturally, it is an amazing country with two river valleys, an almost 3500 km coastline and a mountainous interior.

Ha Long Bay – This is the top tourist destination in your Indochina tour. The spectacular sight of over two thousand islands jutting out of the emerald waters of this bay has prompted it to become a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many of these thickly foliaged islands of varying sizes and shapes are hollow and form caves. Many of these limestone caves abound in stalactites and stalagmites.

Hoi An – This fishing village on South China Sea coast allows you to explore native Vietnamese culture in its truest form. Its ‘Old Town’ area is resplendent with winding lanes lined with Chinese styled buildings. With canals cutting through the city, Hoi An has the appearance of Venice. This fishing village is also the best place to try out authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Cu Chi Tunnels – Cu Chi Tunnels close to Ho Chi Minh City is an amazing underground network used by Vietnamese guerillas as hiding places and escape route during Vietnam War.

Nha Trang – In your Indochina tour packages, Nha Trang is an outstanding destination because of its pristine beaches and colorful city life. This beach town is famous for water activities like scuba diving, boating, swimming and surfing.

Hanoi City – The capital city of Vietnam is famous for its buildings belonging to French colonial era. Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, Hoan  Kiem Lake, Van Mieu university and Hoi An are noteworthy sites in this city.

Mekong Delta – In your Indochina travel package, as you move towards Cambodia from Vietnam, you need to cross Mekong Delta. This is Vietnam’s granary and produces sufficient rice for the entire nation. This place is a quiet getaway and offers a tranquil vacation.

Best of Cambodia

Angkor Wat – This temple is an eclectic representation of Khmer architecture belonging to 12th century. Angkor Wat is part of Angor complex which covers an area of about 400 sq. km. and which came into existence between the ninth and fourteenth centuries. The entire region is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Siem Reap – This is an extension of Angkor and is famous for its silk textiles and traditional Khmer dance.

Phnom Penh – The capital city of this country is a magnificent representation of colonial architecture. Its Silver Pagoda, Royal Palace and National Arts Museum are outstanding tourist attractions.

Best of Laos

Luang Prabang – This mountainous region at the confluence of Mekong and Nam Khan rivers is Laos’s foremost tourist destination. This city is equally attractive to nature lovers, historians and pilgrims. The Royal Palace Museum, Mount Phousi, Pak Ou Caves,and Kung Si waterfall are unmistakable sites of attraction for enthusiastic travelers.

Phonsavan – Your Indochina travel package would remain incomplete without visiting Phonsavan which is renowned for its ‘plain of jars’.

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