Essential Travel Tips for First Time Visitors to Vietnam

Vietnam is a fascinating country to spend a holiday with your spouse, family and friends. Bordered by the Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand, this South East Asian country is best visited between the months of October and March. The rest of the year being hot and humid is not favorable for Vietnam travel.

Vietnam travel guide

Generally, Vietnam is an amiable country and safe for tourists. They appreciate if you can follow local customs and are ever forgiving in case you make a mistake while following these. Getting used to local life patterns while on Vietnam tour is the best way to explore this country. Perhaps the easiest way for getting acquainted to local inhabitants is by maintaining a cheerful and smiling disposition. Locals of Vietnam, though friendly and helpful, are not of the curious kind as residents of neighboring countries. They would prefer not to bother foreign tourists unless otherwise asked. A smile on your face would help you in winning more Vietnamese friends.

On your travel to Vietnam, dress conservatively while visiting any pagoda or place of worship. Shorts and revealing clothes are strictly forbidden. Dress code is stricter in case ladies accompany you on your trip to this nation. In rural areas, attire code is stricter than in the cities. While visiting villages, you need to be very careful about using cameras as it is often considered an intrusion. Cameras could, however, be used more liberally in urban areas. Taking pictures of buildings connected with the military is prohibited.

Motorcycle taxis are the best means to explore city life in your Vietnam holiday. It is advisable to arrange an airport pick up and hotel drop while making Vietnam travel plan. Hiring taxis after arrival could be expensive and there is every possibility of getting fleeced by a wrong driver. On a city exploration tour, it is better to have an elementary layout of your commuting route, with important landmarks along the way. A pre-booked taxi from a trusted travel agent is a better option than hiring a motorcycle taxi.

For intercity travel, night buses are the best choice as it saves you hotel accommodation cost for the nights. As many of these buses have toilets, it is desirable to book an upper berth as far away from these toilets as possible. For overnight bus journeys, you are advised to consume water in limited quantities, as halts could be far apart. Further, stopping of a bus depends entirely on the discretion of the driver. Travelling by train is another option.

Other Considerations
In your Vietnam holiday for family, it is essential to travel safely. It is advisable to carry a business card of your hotel with you while travelling. In case you are carrying a handbag, keep it secured and close to your body. While visiting any friend at his home, be careful of putting off your shoes before entering and placing your feet while sitting. Your feet must never point towards the family altar. Vietnam being a tropical country, you need to drink sufficient quantity of water to keep hydrated and energized.

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