Why Should You Go For a Halong Bay Cruise

A Halong Bay cruise takes you to one of the most phenomenal places in the entire world. Halong Bay, an extension of Gulf of Tonkin to the north-east of Vietnam is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its wondrous islands protruding from emerald green waters. Nearly three thousand islands in striking shapes and varying sizes offer a breathtaking spectacle.

Halong tour

According to legend, these innumerable islands off the coast were created by a huge dragon that dwelled in the mountains. While charging down from the mountains to the coast, it carved crevices and valleys by its swaying tail. Finally when the dragon entered the waters, the splash filled this dented landmass with the pinnacles jutting out.

In your tour to Vietnam, Halong cruise is an inseparable fixture and is ideally enjoyed with your near and dear ones. These limestone formations jutting out of the waters were acknowledged as a heritage site in 1994, after which the number of travelers gradually increased every year. These innumerable islands face multiple beaches with geological formations created by weathering action of prevailing winds and water waves for centuries. Grottos, limestone caves featuring stalagmites and stalactites and sand dunes make the sea coast striking.

This essentially karst formation of limestone forms a brilliant landscape of turquoise water, foliaged islands and white sandy beaches. Though the beaches are not particularly meant for water activities, they offer an excellent spectacle. These islands composed of limestone come in shapes of pillars, isolated towers, saddles, arches, peaks and caves. Many of the caves are accessible by boats and illuminated for convenience of tourists. Geologists have confirmed that these limestone structures are a creation over extended geological periods.

A Halong luxury cruise is the perfect way to enjoy the fabulous beauty of this bay. These cruise boats meander through the waters of the bay offering you incomparable visual treat of these islands. You could feast your eyes and engage in exciting on-board activities at the same time. Exquisite dining, sunbathing and rejuvenating in luxurious spas are notable on-board activities to keep you enthralled in your Vietnam family holiday. It is also possible to go kayaking in the waters of Halong Bay offering a closer view of these islands. In case you love swimming, the calm waters of this bay provide an amiable setting.

On a Halong tour, visitors collect sea shells and corals as souvenirs of a Vietnam tour. Limestone formations such as stalactites and stalagmites are also collected. Local craftsmen carve jewelry pieces, artifacts and paperweights from this stone and sell them to tourists and enthusiastic buyers.

Cruise in a traditional boat or ‘junk’ is a specialty of a Vietnam trip. There are several operators that conduct Halong cruise at different rates. You might choose among deluxe, luxury and private cruises to explore this magnificent locale. Trips to Halong could be for a day or a couple of days. A cruise in this bay may be extended to Cat Ba Island and Cat Ba National Park. This island is famous for its limestone caves complete with stalactites and stalagmites. These caves are accessible for most part of the year.

Your tour to Vietnam stays incomplete without a Ha Long Bay cruise whether you are on a honeymoon trip or a family vacation.

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