Traditional Vietnamese Dishes You Should Try in Your Trip to Vietnam

Your Vietnam tour is a great opportunity to try out local delicacies. It is not necessary to visit top notch restaurants to savor the gastronomical delights of this magnificent tropical country. In keeping with the simple lifestyle of Vietnam inhabitants, its cuisine is also uncomplicated yet tasty. There are innumerable street corner eateries from where you might have wholesome food at unbelievably low prices. Ingredients being fresh, local dishes are always delectable. Though you might find variations in recipes from one region to another in your Vietnam trip, generally the dishes are easy to prepare and light on your stomach.  

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Canh Khoai Mon (Taro Soup) – This soup is prepared from pork spare ribs and taro and is an excellent appetizer. For the predominantly tropical climate, this soup has a soothing impact on your body. Taro and pork in equal proportions are cut into 1 ½ inch cubes and pieces respectively are used for this item. Ribs are marinated with minced spring onion, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and seasoning powder. The marinated ribs are stir fried till change of color and then put to boil. Foam that comes out automatically is removed from time to time. After boiling for some time, taro is added and the entire mixture put on low to medium heat till taro is soft enough to be pierced by chopsticks.

Goi Cuon (Saigon salad rolls) – In your Vietnam holiday, you cannot miss this visually attractive and delicious item. Shrimp, pork, vermicelli rice, basil, and rice paper are the ingredients required to prepare this item. Among all these ingredients, rice paper needs a special mention. Rice is soaked in water for few hours before being ground to a batter. This batter is then poured over a cloth that is stretched taut over a pot. A flat bamboo stick is used to remove the moist batter from the cloth and left to dry. This is used as a covering, while the stuffing is made from shrimps, pork, and rice vermicelli.

Shrimp Vermicelli noodle – Holidays in Vietnam are incomplete without having sea food. Shrimp caught in Hai Phong Sea is the principal component of this Vietnamese cuisine. Chopped fish, Indian taro, sliced tomatoes, mashed onion, and chopped and grilled grape leaves are the other components of this recipe. This is a colorful dish with slightly sweet and greasy taste. Sour variations are available on demand. Garnishing with red chili flakes is done in certain provinces.

Mut dua sua tuoi (candied coconut in fresh milk) – This delicious dessert is a specialty you would discover in your Vietnam travel. Coconut, sugar and milk in the ratio 10:6:2.5 are used in making this dish. These three ingredients are mixed gently in a large dry pot which is then put on medium heat. The mixture when over fire is stirred intermittently at intervals of 2-3 minutes, and the process continues for thirty minutes. After about thirty minutes when the coconut turns yellowish, the heat is turned to low and the mixture continually stirred to prevent stickiness. After about fifty minutes, the milk thickens and the dish is fully prepared.

Other tempting recipes of Vietnam are cha ca, pho, cao lau, banh xeo, nem ran, rau muong, ga tan, and bun bo hue. Make sure to taste all of them when you travel to Vietnam.

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