10 Things You Must Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a wonderful country that has rich cultural heritage, great architecture, endless natural beauty and is home to some great gastronomical delights. The ideal time for Vietnam travel is Nov-Feb because the atmosphere is very hot and humid in general and foreigners often feel uncomfortable during summer.

Vietnam holiday

Although this post only highlights the top 10 things to do in Vietnam, these are not all. There are lot more things to see and do in the country and hence, you should choose your Vietnam tour packages carefully based on the number of days you are going to spend. Make sure you visit the following places and take part in the exciting activities mentioned below.

Ha Long Bay- Near the Chinese borders, this bay is one of the world’s best natural wonders. Situated off the north east coast of the country, it features around 3000 islands. Talk with your Vietnam travel guide and ask him to hire a boat so that you can enjoy the enigmatic beauty of Ha Long Bay properly. Don’t forget to bring your cameras.

Cu Chi Tunnels-
The tunnels are more than 120 km long and there is a gigantic war museum that gives you a detailed understanding of the country’s bloodied past. The tunnels were dug by soldiers and used for ammunition storage, living quarters and command center. A tour inside the tunnels is a thrilling experience.

Hue- It’s the ancient royal capital of Vietnam and proudly represents the glorious past of this country. You can take a cruise on the Perfume River and visit historic places like Thien Mu Pagoda, the Palace of Supreme Peace and the Imperial Citadel.

Hoi An- It’s the ideal Vietnam family travel destination as the city has all the modern amenities along with a great market. There are some spectacular beaches and the city is famous for its expert tailors. If you want a customized local dress, this is the best place to make it. One of the must see place in Hoi An is the My Son Hindu sanctuary. It’s a World Heritage site.

War Remnants Museum- Located in the Ho Chi Minh City, it’s also known as the “Museum of American War Crimes”. It gives you a vivid imagery of American brutality during the long fought Vietnam War. If you love history and want to witness the bravery of Vietnamese soldiers, you can’t afford to miss this museum.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park-
It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and famous for its unique natural beauty. The 2000 square km long limestone zone features several caves. In fact, the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong, is located here.

The Sand Dunes of Mui Ne-
You may have seen some famous beaches, but come to the beaches of Mui Ne and near them, you will find large sand dunes. The white and red sand dunes remind you of Sahara. If you are an adventure lover, don’t forget to enjoy the sand sledding opportunity here.

To get a taste of the rural Vietnam, you should take a tour of the Sapa valley. The greenery will soothe your tired eyes and soul.

Mekong Delta- Take a boat trip down the Mekong to fully appreciate its serene beauty. The Mekong Delta is famous for its floating markets, Cai Be and Cai Rang.

Enjoy the food- Everywhere in Vietnam, you will see small cafes beside the roads. You can find some great food there for just USD1. Try a bowl of noodles, veg or non-veg as per your taste buds and you will remember the unique flavor forever.

These are the 10 most essential things that ought to be a part of your holiday to Vietnam.

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