How to choose a reliable Vietnam tour operator?

One will be surprised if knowing that there are around 1000 travel companies in Vietnam and many travel agents, booking agents (can not count). Many of them offer the same products, some of them are trusted, reliable, but some work under the license.

Travel to Vietnam

How to become a smart tourist when booking a holiday to Vietnam?

Recommended: This is the best way, word of mouth is powerful so when you plan your travel to Vietnam, let check and ask your friends, family who traveled to Vietnam before as they may still keep the contact with whom they booked, or search for trusted information from a trusted source, tripadvisor, lonelyplanet, or (the government's website)

Internet: Internet is now the most convenient way to search for a Vietnam tour package, just a second, you will find many different travel companies offering Vietnam. However, we advise you to contact the ones that appear on the first pages of (1- 5) because these companies focus on online business and they put more efforts on providing great Vietnam travel service quickly and easily.

How to check if I choose a good travel company?

Indochinavalue is an experienced tour operator in Vietnam providing memorable Vietnam tour packages since 2006, and based on your experience, we can give you some advices below;
1. Check if the company you are dealing with, has the international tour operator license or not?
2. Check when that company set up? Member of any travel association in Vietnam and overseas?
3. Check if that company recommended by, or any other travel association?
4. Check how is the performance of that company? Speed of response, professional work of sales, solutions to your requests?

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