While the beautiful Cambodia beaches may be neglected in favour of neighbour Thailand, there are still plenty of reasons to visit the idyllic beaches on the Cambodia holidays in this less visited country.

Here are a few of the top beach destinations to explore in Cambodia:

Koh Tonsay
A visit to the main beach in Koh Tonsay (also referred to as Rabbit Island) is certain to appeal to the beach lovers and is easily reached from the mainland (approx 25 minute boat ride from Kep). This beautiful island is lined with authentic thatched beach huts and gorgeous palm groves with a few places that serve fresh seafood and local beers. Beyond its ease of accessibility, Koh Tonsay is one of the least-developed islands with little in the way of residents, no mains electricity and no motor vehicles. Any visit during the week will be beautifully peaceful to make a great place to relax after days of sightseeing at the temples.

Otres Beach
Otres Beach is located in the province of Sihanoukville and a really attractive beach that is far enough away from the local town to leave it feeling quite unspoilt. Beside the crystal clear waters and stretches of velvety sands (nearly 3 km in length), this beach has a welcoming choice of beach bars and seafood shacks to make sure the hungry bellies are kept full.

Sokha Beach
Sokha Beach helps to make up a part of Sihanoukville’s most glamorous resort and a perfect place to relax on the white sands and mint-coloured waters. The majority (about 80%) of this beach is part of the Sokha Beach Resort and restricted use for guests only. But, the remaining 20% of the beach is open to tourist on their Cambodia tours to play and frolic in the warm waters. However, for those that want to benefit from the private end of the beach and the facilities (such as the hotel pool) that come with it, there is the option to buy a guest post.

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Lazy Beach
Koh Rong Samloem is a relatively small island off the coast of Sihanoukville with a choice of beautiful beaches. Lazy Beach is one beach that is particularly beautiful with its golden sands that are shaded by pine trees. The local waters are great for the water sports enthusiast with plenty of snorkelling opportunities. Plus, exploring more of Koh Rong Samloem makes it possible to discover other fishing and diving sites. In the evening the beach is a perfect place to relax while watching the deep pink sunset.

Long Set Beach
Long Set Beach is located on Koh Rong and one of the largest islands on the Cambodian mainland. This beach is a perfect destination on the Cambodia travel packages for crabbing, collecting shells and sunbathing. The beach area has seen little development which has helped to maintain a very desolate and calm atmosphere. Beyond life on the beach, there are stunning coral reefs and marine life that saturate the sea and great for diving and snorkelling activities. Plus, by waiting for evening to arrive it is possible to see the bio-luminescent plankton under the moonlight.

Serendipity Beach
A visit to Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville is perfect for the travellers that want to experience the livelier environment. This beach seems to attract the backpackers with its late night parties, BBQ shacks, beach bars and quaint restaurants. If travelling in the region during the peak season and aren’t overly keen on the crowds, it may be best to avoid this place. But, for those that want to do more than snoozing on the golden sands, Serendipity Beach is certain to be a lively place to be.

Koh Pos Beach
Koh Pos Beach, Sihanoukville is a beautiful and charming beach that is extremely well shaded, secluded, and relatively compact in size. It serves some of the finest seafood in the province with a great eatery worth visiting: the Treasure Island Seafood Restaurant, which has a peaceful atmosphere and meals from $4 to $30. A visit to Koh Pos Beach is very quiet so perfect for sunbathing with a good read. Also, this beach does have its own resident monkeys so it is important to keep an idea on bags or other possessions.

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South-western Beach
South-western Beach on Koh Rong is a truly stunning island with beaches that span nearly 43 km. A great part of the beach is the south-western side with a relatively untouched beach (stretches for 5000 m) lined with palm trees and finished with dazzling turquoise waters. It is a great destination for snorkelling with a nice spot at one end that perfect for watching parrot fish, sergeant fish and rabbit fish. This island is easily reached from the mainland (Sihanoukville) with the journey time by boat in the region of two hours.

Koh Ta Kiev
Koh Ta Kiev is a beautiful place to visit on the Cambodia private tour with its three gorgeous beaches with long stretches of golden sand and lined with scented pine trees. Its shallow turquoise waters are blessed with vibrant coral reefs which creates a perfect destination for snorkelling, while those that stay on land get the option to trek through the untouched jungle. With nearly 150 bird species on the island, this is also a great place for the bird watchers.

Victory Beach
Victory Beach is well located on Sihanoukville and within close proximity to beach bungalows, a nightclub, bars and seafood restaurants. There are even a few upscale seafood restaurants that are perfect for those travellers that want more than the offerings at the seafood shacks. Beyond the close entertainment and host of places to eat, this beach is great for its chart topping sunsets and jaw dropping views. Plus, victory beach is in the region of 300 m in length which makes it relatively easy to find a peaceful space to relax and sunbath.

Koh Thmei beach
Koh Thmei beach in Ream National Park is a relatively small beach area that is flanked by a region of mangrove forest. The beach is quite exquisite with most of the island uninhabited (there are a few bungalows). An early morning visit to the beach makes it possible to view the gorgeous sunrise while the pine-shaded yellow sand is perfect for a relaxing time away from exploring temples on the Cambodia travel experience.

Koh Thmei beach, Ream National Park

Koh Thmei beach, Ream National Park

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Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Saloem

Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Saloem

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Long Set Beach, Koh Rong

Long Set Beach, Koh Rong

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Southwestern Beach, Koh Rong

Southwestern Beach, Koh Rong

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