In today’s world, it is fairly standard for countries to want to know who is visiting their country. Thailand has become an extremely popular tourist destination for people of all nationalities. It does require those intending to take a Thailand holiday to look at and comply with the requirements for entry. Those who are booking Thailand tour packages with a good Thailand tour operator will get all the advice and help that they need. Nevertheless, it is important that everyone understands the regulations described below.

Tourists are not permitted to work in Thailand and that is a condition of the tourist visa, 15 day or 30 day. The visa will be stamped in the passport of everyone beginning Thailand travel. Many people get their visa on arrival in the Country though visas are issued by embassies around the world. It is possible to extend a visa once you are in the country and if you are travelling on an organised Vietnam private tour it is almost certain that all the necessary arrangements will have been made before you travel.

There are some visa exemptions thanks to reciprocal agreements made between countries at national level. There are currently 52 nationalities that this applies to. Those entering at an international airport can get up to 30 days’ exemption while land crossings only permit 15 days. That is sometimes the most convenient procedure for travellers on Indochina tour packages. Each traveller needs to show proof of a return air ticket as evidence that he or she intends to leave in the future; land departure is not valid for these exemptions. A few nationals get 30 days even when crossing by land; UK, USA, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Macau, Hong Kong, Laos and Vietnam. The following get 90 days; Korea, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

Fees for those needing a visa may change from time to time (currently US$30) but the following documents are needed as well:

•    Passport valid for at least 6 months. That is standard for travelling to most countries these days.
•    Completed application form which will identify you to immigration or the relevant embassy or consulate.
•    A recent 4x6cm. photograph
•    Return air ticket or e-ticket that is fully paid for as evidence that you are intending to leave within the permitted period.
•    Proof of means of support for the duration of the stay which varies for the individual or family.

Embassies, border and airport staff do reserve the right to deny entry to those they wish without justifying their decision. That does mean it is worth presenting yourself to authorities properly.

Visas may be extended from within the country. The Immigration Office in Bangkok is the place to do it. If that is inconvenient some people may leave to a neighbouring country and then return.

Thailand is more than happy to welcome tourists from all around the world. There are formalities to complete in order to see this wonderful country but that is a modern-day requirement for all travellers.

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