Cat Cat, a unique village of the H'Mông in Sa Pa

When you travel to Vietnam, you should not miss to visit Sapa and it’s better for you to discover the life of ethnic minority in Cat Cat village in Sapa.

Nestled in a beautiful valley about three kilometers from the village of Sa Pa, the Cat Cat village attracts tourists for its distinctive customs and practices that have been lost in most ethnic villages.

The Cat Cat village is located at the bottom of the Muong Hoa valley, near the Fansipan mountain. It is surrounded by high and magnificent mountains and rice terraces.

Cat Cat is a small village of the ethnic minority H’Mong black with the unique customs. They build and live on the slopes of the mountains. They grow their plants around their homes. Rice and maize are grown in terraced rice fields on the mountainside. They preserve their traditional crafts such as weaving linen, forge. 

vietnam sapa catcat village

Original cultural traits

Tourists are most attracted by its unique customs, including the custom of “ Robbing wife” of the H’Mong. If a young man H’Mong falls in love with a girl, he can ask his friends to take her home to keep her for three days. The gir will participate in the daily life of the young man’s family and, after three days, if she agrees to become his wife, they will marry. If she refuses, they both drink a bowl of alcohol to become friends. According to the tradition of the Black H’Mong, a marriage lasts from 2 to 7 days.

The road leading to the village of Cat Cat is very interesting for the amateurs of treeking. The place is only 20 to 30 minutes walk from the center of Sapa. The hike through the mountains offers visitors a wonderful landscape of rice terraces, waterfalls or buffalo grazing.

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