Sapa and things to do

As one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the North Vietnam, Sapa offers visitors lots of intersting activities, depending on your favourite and budget. If you are going to plan a tour to Sapa, you should consider some activities as below:

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Trekking: For those who are keen on trekking, Sapa is definitely an ideal place because there are several options to plan a trekking route from easy to hard level. Depending on your time, you can choose the route that suits for your own. It's so amazing as walking on rugged roads between rice terraces and ethnic stilt-houses. Sometimes, you could see the children playing on ground or local people working on their field which create a peaceful picture. Choosing a trekking tour in Sapa, you will never regret. If you need further information that is helpful, please feel free to read our article Get the best Sapa tours for your Vietnam journey!

Conquer Fansipan: If you are an adventure lover, we highly recommend you should spend some day to climb Fansipan mountain which known as Root of Indochina, to conquer the hight of 3143 meters of Hoang Lien Son.

Homestay: Sapa is one of best places to see in Vietnam, where is home of various different minorities. During your time in Sapa, you should spend at least one night at the house of local peple like Dzay minority family. It definitely offers you profound experiences and unforgettable moments to discover the daily life and culture of ethnic groups there. They will warmly welcome you in their wooden house and prepare excellent meals for you, of course, you can join together if you want to learn about Vietnamese cuisine.

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