The An Bang and Non Nuoc beach - the best beaches in Asia

If you plan to travel to Vietnam, you should not miss Hoi An. And when you come here, you can visit the beach Non Nuoc and An Bang – among the 25 best beaches in Asia.

According to Tripadvisor, An Bang and Non Nuoc beach were chosen in the 25 best beaches in Asia in 2017

The Non Nuoc beach in the Ngu Hanh Son of Da Nang (Center) ranks 10th and An Bang in the town of Hoi An, Quang Nam province, 25th.

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The Non Nuoc beach stretches for 5km at the foot of the Marble mountain, in the district of Hoa Hai, district of Ngu Hanh Son. This beach has a gentle slope, clam waves and limpid blue water all year round.

An Bang Beach, 4km long, is renowned for its find sand, gentle waves and friendly villagers. The inhabitants keep the beach clean, removing all the waste they find. The beach is home to fishing villages and offers a most romantic setting.

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