Must-try dishes when visiting Sapa

With a Vietnam tour package, Sapa will definitely fascinate you not only because of its beautiful natural scenery, hospitable locals, but also the food which has typical flavour of northwestern mountain. Don't end your trip without savoring top must-try dishes in Sapa.

1. Salmon hotpot
In Sa Pa, there are a lot of delicious dishes from salom such as salmon salad, grilled salmon, sashimi, salmon curry soup,etc but the salmon hot pot is a typical dish there. Salmon is originally low fat, sweet and fresh, so it is the key ingredient for a hotpot. With the cool weather in Sapa, a salmon sour hotpot enjoyed with your companions will make you warmer.

2. “Carried-under-arm” pork - Lon Cap Nach
Carried-under-arm” pork or Lon Cap Nach is one of specialties of Sapa. The name is derived from the image of people carry pigs under-arm and bring to the market for sell. The pig is normally less than 10kg and free range, raised in in the forest or the field instead of at home. The meat is sweetish, fatless and tender. Lon cap nach is grilled or roasted as the whole with a lot of local herbs and spices. You will never forget the flavor of enjoying Lon Cap Nach together with a little sip of Sapa wild cat apple wine. It is just simply so good!

sapa grilled food min

3.Grilled food
Talking about the must-try food in Sapa for any Vietnam adventure tour, grilled food will be a great choice because the weather of Sapa is always cooer than others. Sapa grilled food includes many ingredients such as: vegetable, corn, cassava, egg, pork, beef, fish and bird that makes it different from other cities.

4. Wild cat apple wine - a local whiskey of H'mong
In Sa Pa, wild apple tree grows naturally in forest, especially on Hoang Lien Son Mountain. This kind of tree is like a nature gift for H'mong people. 
Wild apple is steeped in a big bottle with less sugar in a long time to make wine. 
When you drink wild cat apple wine, you can feel the flavor of the Northest mountain. It is perfect when enjoying Tao Meo wine with good brook fish.

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