Best time to visit Vietnam
From North to South we have it covered

Vietnam is a spectacular country hiding diverse cultures, beautiful people and natural landscapes seemingly untouched.

Situated in Southeast Asia and bordering China, Laos and Cambodia, it is a country which is longer than it is wide. Measuring an impressive 2000 miles in length from North to South.

Vietnam sits prettily alongside the East Sea and inland it is kissed by the Mekong River and Red River.

The Mekong Delta is home to river communities and is one of the busiest rivers in the world, you will be impressed with how the Vietnamese have turned this vast and dominating river into a place of comfort and sanctuary, they call home.

Vietnam is a country offering a different cultural experience as you travel from one tip of the island to the other. Beautiful beaches, breathtaking islands, incredible views over carefully nurtured rice paddies await you to feast your eyes upon.

Knowing when to visit any new country can be difficult and a country like Vietnam can offer such different weather and seasonal variations.

We have put together a few hints and tips to ensure you get the most out of your tour around the wonderful country of Vietnam.

best time to visit sapa

North Vietnam – Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Halong Bay, Cat Ba island, Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Ha Giang, etc.
North Vietnam lay seemingly untouched, a part of the country rich in vegetation, mountains, and unspoiled territories.

Parts of North Vietnam are wild and inaccessible, yet it contains some of Vietnam’s most awe-inspiring scenery, sparsely populated by a fascinating mosaic of ethnic minorities.

Hanoi is a great place to visit all year round. When you visit the capital of Vietnam and you will be presented with colourful streets, vibrant markets and a host of museums and temples. The perfect city for walking and taking in the local culture.

The bay of tiny islands. Visit this beautiful place March to June, September and October and be greeted with perfect climates and cooler weather. Halong Bay is the most photographed area in Vietnam and once you have viewed the spectacular views and had the chance to ride upon a traditional junk boat, you will easily see how it achieved this acclaim.

Cat Ba Island is the largest of 367 islands all perfectly flecked within the Halong Bay area. It is home to a national park where you can view monkeys and some of the most amazing wildlife Vietnam has to offer. Trekking through the rich and lush vegetation will take you back to another world. Visit in October or November to experience milder temperatures.

Sapa located in the northwest of Vietnam, famous for amazing rice terraces, Fansipan peak, colorful markets, unique culture and cool climate. The best time to visit Sapa is from July to early October when the terraces are in best season.

Mu Cang Chai is in Yen Bai province named as a worthy visit by US travel site Insider and ranked among world's 19 most beautiful mountains. The best time to visit is from June to October.

Ha Giang is the queen of the northeast Vietnam where still little - visited. The best time to visit? Ha Giang is always beautiful and tourists can explore Ha Giang at any time of the year.

best time to visit halong bay

Central Vietnam – Hue & Hoi An
To the locals it's known as “Middle of Vietnam” but to tourists, it is known as Central Vietnam.

This free flowing and largely undiscovered part of Vietnam sits in pretty harmony with stunning culture and vibrant, unique cities. Surrounded by Highlands, central Vietnam is often collectively referred to as Central-Highlands or Trung Bộ.

If you look down on Central Vietnam from above you will see the Central-Highlands to the left and South Central coast to the right. Visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, Nha Trang is a coastal resort city well known for its breathtakingly white sandy beaches, scuba diving and access to offshore untouched islands.

Avoid the rain and incredibly hot temperatures of the summer and visit Hue January - August. The former capital of Vietnam, Hue is a coastal city with plenty of incredible architecture and temples waiting to be discovered. A city where impressive imperial buildings lay in wait.

Hoi An is the perfect city to visit February - July when the warmer weather gives you plenty of chance to lay on many of the perfectly white sandy beaches. Wander through the ancient town and marvel on the many vendors selling street foods and traditional crafts.

Central Vietnam offers coastal escapes, time to relax by the beach and fantastic opportunities to walk around ancient and vast temples.

best time to visit hoi an

South Vietnam – Hanoi, Phu Quoc Island & Ho Chi Minh City
South Vietnam rests alongside the border of Cambodia, separated by the vast Mekong River.

The best time of year to visit South Vietnam is November to March when it will be slightly cooler and not as wet.

The South will give you chance to explore the magnificent Phu Quoc Island. Phu Quoc offers the chance to view farmed pepper fields, incredible Buddhist temples, breathtaking waterfalls and you can even collect and buy pearls from locally caught oysters.

South Vietnam is home to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City. A city of ancient temples, perfectly manicured gardens and vibrant night markets.

Experience true river life of the Mekong Delta River. Spend time with the locals on the vast river and feel in awe of how such a network of markets and family life run alongside each other in perfect harmony.

Boat trips, guided scooter city tours, and ancient temples await to be discovered.

Vietnam is such a diverse country. Tour North to South and be blown away by the myriad of destinations and attractions along the way. What are you waiting for?

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