Getting around Da Nang

Getting around Da Nang

Da Nang city is increasingly becoming the most attractive destination for tourists of Vietnam with abundant of the scenic such as: Han River, Rong River, Son Tra peninsula, Ba Na Hills, Ngu Hanh Son, Linh Ung pagoda,…

So what is the most convenient way to move to all destinations?

By foot around Da Nang city

Because Da Nang directly stretches many kilometers in all maps and is more spaced out among other cities or destinations such as Hue city, Hoi An ancient town, Nha Trang city so Getting around Da Nang city on foot is unadvisable if you do not enough healthy.

Unlike Hanoi city, the tourist destinations in Da Nang are not concentrated into a area or a district. Instead, many other destinations of big note for foreign tourists are far and have to require motorized transportation.

On the bright side, Da Nang with spacious roadways, wonderful bridges, and walkways may be a welcome change to go walk for those who want a change a stuffy air of crowded urban living. It is more interesting if you go walk at night.
By motorbike in Da Nang city

Motorbike is a popular transportation in Viet Nam so you are easy to rent a motorbike for yourself. Renting them costs about from 80,000 to 150,000VND per day for almost hotel or rental agencies in Da Nang. With a little bargaining and if you rent for some days, you could bring down the price. This transportation would be the most reasonable way to travel if you want to save costs and have high flexibility to moving among other destinations here , which can be a very big advantage in a city as large as Da Nang. You also should remember all the associated legal and physical risks of renting a motorbike such as: Vietnam license, traffic in Da Nang, traffic law,…

By taxi in Da Nang city

Taxi’s scams in Da Nang city are less common than in big cities as Ha Noi city, Ho Chi Minh City so taxi rates are quite reasonable here but you're better off using with a reputable taxi company to avoid any trouble.

Getting Around Da Nang City to Explore It's Inner Beauty

You can refer some taxi company as:

Mai Linh Taxi (mostly white with green lettering), phone number: +84 511 356 5656 or 0511 356 5656.

Vinasun Taxi (white with green and red lettering), phone number: +84 511 368 6868

According to review of some travelers, Song Han's yellow taxis are also quite reliable.
By bus in Da Nang city

Bus service in Da Nang has been limited inside the city, but also has a fairly reliable (though not be so comfortable with a number of tourists) intercity bus to many famous destinations as: Hoi An, My Son, Ba Na hill, Hue city,…

Some bus route to the popular tourist destination:

Bus route 01: Da Nang station – Hoi An station

Bus route 02: Kim Lien – Han market

Bus route 03: Da Nang station – Ai Nghia station

Bus route 04: Da Nang – Tam Ky

Bus toute 05: Da Nang – My Son

Besides having bus of private tour company such as:

Bus to go to Ba Na hill of green Da Nang company with the price of return way is about 136.000 VND/ a passenger. It will pick up you in hotel, this prices include both the guiders and take the cable car. Starting to moving from hotel is at 8 – 8h30 am to go to Ba Na hill (9h30 am) and then going back at 2h30 pm from foot of Ba Na hill. Phone number: 0988 159 152/0913 81 81 07

Bus to Hue city of Ha Phuong with the price is about 70.000 VND/ a passenger/ a way (start at 9:30 am) and is about 60.000 VND/ a passenger/ a way (start at 4:00 pm). All passengers will be concentrate on 28, 3/2 street. Phone number: 05113 538 188/ 0918 290 159.

Bus to go to Hoi An of Ha Phuong with the price is about 60.000 – 70.000 VND/ a way/ person corresponding to start at 11:00 am and 4:30 am. Phone number: 05113 538 188/ 0918 290 159

Bus to go to Hoi An of Linh Café with the price is about 80.000 VND/ a way/ a person. Phone number: Mr Linh 0977 397 142.

Today, transportation service is increasing developing in Da Nang city so it is easy to you choose the best moving for yourself, don’t worry it let’s coming to Da Nang city!

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