Lao Cai – The summer holiday of Sapa 2017.

The summer holiday of Sa Pa 2017 will be held from 29 April to 30 June in the town of Sa Pa, province of Lào Cai (North).

As part of the series of activities for the celebration of the National Year of Tourism 2017 Lào Cai - Tây Bac, the Sa Pa summer holiday festival will include many activities highlighting the original cultural and artistic traits of this mountain village such as: festival of clouds (30 April to 3 May) including artistic program, presentation of Sa Pa gastronomy; evening of the dance of the "khèn", presentation of the Mông culture in the village of Cat Cat; presentation of Tày culture; presentation of the marriage of the ethnic Dao, folk games ...

This is a good opportunity for the province of Lào Cai to present to investors its potential and advantages in tourism. The goal is to make Sa Pa one of Vietnam's main tourist sites, with synchronous infrastructures, and a high quality of products and services. The summer holiday of Sa Pa 2017 promises exciting experiences for tourists, while offering a new perspective on a friendly and responsible Sa Pa.

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Sa Pa where the earth meets the sky

Perched at nearly 2,000 meters above sea level, Sa Pa is nicknamed "the city of the haze". It has a temperate climate with, sometimes, four seasons in the same day. Its beautiful landscapes and the cultural diversity of its ethnic groups make it one of the most popular sites in Vietnam.

In Sa Pa, it is possible to visit the old church, in French architectural style. In addition, a trip to the Cat Cat village, a visit to the Mount Hàm Rông, a hike in the Muong Hoa valley or a visit to Fansipan, the highest peak in the country, are possible. The Tram Tôn Pass, the highest pass in the country, offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

The city has become an ideal destination for domestic and foreign travelers, especially since the opening of the Nôi Bài - Lào Cai highway, which makes it possible to reduce the journey time between Hanoi and Sa Pa by only three and a half hours.

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