Hanoi gets to the top of gastronomic destinations

If you travel to Vietnam, Hanoi is a must - see destination that you should not miss. And when you come here, you should try its delicious food as Hanoi gets to the top of gastronomic destinations in the world. 

The British daily newspaper The Daily Telegraph has just published a list of the top 17 cities in the world to eat on 26 February. Hanoi ranks second, just after Tokyo.

vietnam hanoi street food tour

“Hanoi’s populous city center is definitely a good destination to enjoy the balance of salt, sugar, sour and spices from Vietnamese cuisine”, said the daily, comparing Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City which is “more international”.

“In Hanoi, to eat like a local inhabitant, you have to go out on the street”, he suggested. The city offers the most famous Vietnamese dishes, including “Banh My” (traditional sandwich), Pho and “Ca Phe Trung” (egg coffee).

In October 2016, the US business information website Business Insider presented a list of 50 places, dishes and experiences to absolutely try in Asia, and among them is a “hot bowl of Pho” in Hanoi.

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