Vietnam in the top 10 destinations for a honeymoon tour

The place for any honeymoon tour is an important decision for the newlyweds. The famous guide Lonely Planet has published the top 10 of the least expensive destination in the world, including Vietnam.

According to Lonely Planet, Vietnam is a paradise of street gastronomy. “With no more than 10 dollars a days, you can eat like a king. You can enjoy typical dishes such as Pho Bo (rice noodle soup with beef), Bun Cha (grilled pork with rice vermicelli) or Banh My Kep (sandwich with egg and meat)”, wrote this famous webside.

vietnam honeymoon tour destination

Vietnam is an inexpensive destination but memorable experiences include a boat trip to Halong Bay (north), a bike ride to Hoi An (Central) or a stay in Phu Quoc (South) – the largest island in the country. So, Vietnam is an ideal destination for a Vietnam honeymoon tour.

Besides Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia also represent Southeast Asia in this top 10. Visitors can discover other destinations in this list such as India, Morocco, Portugal, Bulgaria, South Africa, Puerto Rico and Honduras.

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