Experiences in Sapa

Well, now I’m in Hanoi and looking back on my memorable trip to Sapa with my team last year. It will forever be my unforgetable Sapa trekking tour memory. Like most people coming to Sapa, I also chose to do some trekking around the hills and stop at some ethnic minorities' villages on the way.

sapa trekking tour 1 min

During the journey, we were walking along the most beautiful villages in Sapa. We had a chance to explore the stunning beauty of nature with very nice terrace and corn fields. Imagine, you were standing at the mountain peak and from there you can look down and take a whole view of the landscape. If you are an adventrure lover, it was really fantastic experiences.

sapa trekking tour 3 min 1

Along the trek, we had many chance to meet and communicate with local people to study the daily life of various minorities, such as: Black H'mong, Red Dao & Day people.

Taking a chance to visit their houses and understand more about their life and how difficult it is getting made me feel how lucky I was.

sapa trekking tour 2 min

Going to Sapa, the most impressive images that struck my mind was the children there. Unlike the children in the city, they do not have access to internet, computer, or smart phone. They spend their childhood mostly with their friends, at school or on the back of a buffalo. The innocent beauty in their eyes touched my heart deeply.

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