Handy tips on going around Hanoi

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Hanoi is one of the most tourist spots in Vietnam. When you travel to Vietnam and go around Hanoi at the first time, it would be a nightmare. There are lots of means of transportation and you don't know what is the best and safe ways to explore the streets here. We highly recommend visitors such kinds of best way as below:

There are some good taxi companies in Hanoi such as:
Mai Linh: 0438 333 333 / 0438 61 61 61/
Hanoi group taxi:
04 38 53 53 53
04 38 26 26 26
04 38 57 57 57
04 38 62 62 62
Hanoi tourist taxi:
04 38 56 56 56

Motor-bike taxi or Xe Om
In Hanoi, you can easy to find a motor-bike taxi in most parts of the city, particularly nearby hotels, shopping streets and tourist attractions. This is very fast and inexpensive way to getting around Hanoi. It will take about 20,000-30,000 vietnamdong within 2 kilometers. Most drivers speak limited English, you should write down the address of your destination then show it to drviers beforehand.
If you love experiences, you can hire your own motorbike around Hanoi Old Quarter.

Beside motor-bike, cyclo is one of the best way to travel Hanoi especially around Hanoi Old Quarter. It takes about $3 to hire a cyclo an hour through busy traffic and narrow streets in the Old Quarter.

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