Krabi is a quirky, compact town that is well located among large and impressive limestone karsts that jut from the thick mangroves. In the centre of the city, there are plenty of guesthouses, old-school markets and restaurants to create a pleasant place to stay for a few days.

The picturesque scenery is one of the major reasons to visit Krabi  on the Thailand travel packages with its spectacular islands such as Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi, breathtaking inland and sea caves, refreshing waterfalls, beautiful beaches and stunning limestone cliffs. Plus, it is the base of a few National Parks and a diverse range of islands that are well worth exploring.

The long list of activities is certain to appeal to all types of travellers with the opportunity to dive with colourful schools of fish, fishing, trekking; climbing rocks, and lazy days on the beach. The local facilities and transport are quite reliable and often on time. Plus, there is a great selection of guesthouses and hotels, and the dining experience in Krabi ranges from fine dining to street restaurants.

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Krabi has two seasons: cool and wet; and hot and dry. This tropical climate zone has an average temperature of 27° C, with the preferred time to travel on the Thailand tours holidays running from May to October which is the high season. The warmest month of the year is April, while the coolest is September. For the travellers that want to avoid the heavy rainfall, it is best to limit travelling in September.

How to get there
The local Krabi International Airport is approx 13 km from town and serviced by Air Asia, Nok Air Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways. The onward journey into town is easily completed by taxi at a cost of $8-$10, or a cheaper ride to town is possible via the airport shuttle bus services, but this does have limited running times.

Also, there is a regular bus service with the station based nearly 3 km from town. Beyond the standard bus services, there are also tourist minibuses that must be booked through the guesthouse or travel agents.

Getting around
The relatively compact town of Krabi makes it easy to travel by foot. There are also bicycle rentals but these can be quite limited in number. The best hotels or guesthouses to hire a bike include Hometel, Krabi City View Hotel and Pak-Up Hostel. A daily hire costs in the region of $3. Plus, there is the option of motorbike rental at $6 per day.

Other transport options include the tuk-tuk, songthaews and motorbike taxi drivers that are easily flagged down on the roads.

Where to stay
Even though Krabi isn’t the largest it still has a useful amount of guesthouses and hotels to match the needs of the tourists on the Thailand tour holiday packages. Most of the town's accommodation is clustered quite close together in areas like Thara Park, Downtown Krabi and Chao Fah Pier.

A stay at the Chan-Cha-Lay guesthouse is comfortable and friendly with spacious rooms and pleasant decor that costs in the region of $12.50 per night – although cheaper rooms are possible without air-con. Plus, it is well located and only a short distance from the riverfront and downtown.

The modern Krabi City View Hotel is great for the tourist that demands a quiet night’s sleep and creature comforts. The rooms cost in the region of $16.50-$42 per night and just far away enough to avoid much of the noise from the streets. Most of the rooms are spacious with great features like desks, coffee/tea facilities, mini-fridges, air-con, TVs, large windows, comfortable beds and safes. Plus, this hotel can help with renting a bicycle or motorbike.

A great stop for the low-cost traveller is the Smile Guesthouse which is well located to downtown and Chao Fah pier. While the rooms are clean and pleasant, there aren’t any rooms with air-con in place (but most have a fan). The cost is about $15 per night.

Eat and drink
Krabi has a great combination of international restaurants, bars and traveller-oriented cafes, as well as a great street food scene.

There are a few seafood restaurants and riverside eateries that serve up grilled squid, raw oysters, whole fish and grilled prawns. A great place to try is the Lomlay Restaurant near Khong Kha while the Chao Fah pier has a nearby floating restaurant. A salty blue crab with spicy papaya salad is certain to be enjoyed at this restaurant. Most of the restaurants have reasonable prices and tend to attract both the tourist and locals.

Plus, the local town has plenty of traveller-oriented cafes to stop and relax and enjoy a light snack. The cafes serve a combination of Thai and Western food with a pasta dish a popular choice.

Born Restaurant on Uttarakit Road is a great destination for the lunchtime snack with whole wheat bread, ciabatta, baguettes and sandwiches. Plus, they make a great breakfast with a satisfying cheese and egg sandwich. Other choices for a light snack include the May and Mark Restaurant with its full Thai menu, coffee and sandwiches.

Major shopping malls in Krabi Town offer the tourist on the Holidays to Thailand a very diverse range of goods to buy from the small, independent stores to the brand-name outlets. For the most authentic shopping experience it is possible to shop at one of the markets in town: City markets and Maharaj markets. The most popular is the Maharaj market, which offers everything imaginable from motorbike parts and children’s toys to lawn mowers and underwear. Plus, the Maharaj region of Krabi is appreciated for its restaurants, resorts and hotels.

Things to see and do

Krabi is a paradise for the rock climbing enthusiast. The rock climbing at Railay and Tonsai gives stunning scenery, and the different climbing route is open to the novice and skilled climbers. Many of the climbs include stalactite-dripping karst cathedrals that are well protected and well away from motor traffic.

Scuba Diving
The crystal clear water, colourful marine life, rock formations and reefs that surround the coastal regions of the country create a perfect destination for scuba diving adventures. This region has the ability to offer great variety and a worthwhile diving site for both the skilled and complete novice. Plus, there are plenty of Thailand tour packages that are dedicated to a complete scuba diving holiday.

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Sea Kayaking
A sea kayaking adventure makes it possible to fully discover the magic of nature with tours that include majestic cliffs, land caves, lagoons and sea caves. Plus, this type of tour also makes it possible to observe a wide range of animal species, birds and plants. Self paddling trips and guided expeditions are great fun and easily enjoyed by the entire family.

Bicycle adventures
One of the best ways to really appreciate the natural beauty on the Indochina tour packages is to hire a bicycle for the day and tour the local area. A bicycle adventure tour passes through the lush green forest which makes it possible to observe the local wildlife.  

Krabi has some of Thailand's premier fishing destinations with the ability to experience the livaboards, day-trips and family-friendly itineraries. Get involved in big-game fishing and experience catching snapper, Spanish mackerel, yellow-fin tuna, barracuda, wahoo, and sailfish. With the combination of clear blue skies and the sun, this is a perfect place for fisherman to hire a boat and fishing gear for the day.

Elephant trekking
An elephant trekking tour gives a more unique way to explore the thick jungle forest and beautiful rivers. It is closely located to Ao Nang which is a great natural environment for elephants with its supply of water and think shade. An elephant trekking tour can include walking along the riverbank and into the mountain region to witness the limestone karsts.

Tiger cave temple (Wat Tham Suea)
The Tiger cave temple is named after the nearby rock outgrowth that looks much like a tiger's claw. It has easily reached from the town and just requires a 3 km trek to reach. It is well located in the Ao Luk Thanu mountain ranges to provide spectacular scenery while having a very quite and peaceful atmosphere. There are plenty of shallow limestone caves that are worth exploring which are well-maintained and kept well lit.

Cooking school
Visit a local cooking school to learn some of the best Thai dishes that are rich in exotic spices and herbs. Thai cuisine is great to learn more about and repeat the culinary delights when back at home.
White-water rafting
Enjoy an exhilarating experience by joining one of the white-water rafting adventures that takes place twice a day on the waters near Rai Leh. This tour is best completed with the help of expert guides who are there to make it possible to safely ride the 5-10 km of river that gets more furious and faster on the way down.



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