During your stay in Ngapali ,please come and stay with us in "DIAMOND NGAPALI" Hotel . Our Hospitality and responsibility for your satisfaction.

Located on the Rakhine Coast of the Bay of Bengal, in the western part of Myanmar Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia. This unspoilt natural beach is a 45- minutes flight away from Yangon and by over land, it's and 14 hours drive.

Stretching along with sands and blue sea of alluring Ngapali Beach, Diamond Ngapali Hotel sites on lush landscaped tropical garden with facilities 30 minutes drive from Mazin (Thandwe) Airport. Amidst local flavour and peaceful surrounding, you can luxuriate in the amenity of the seaside resort together with the perfect accommodation and Our Diamond Ngapali Hotel.


  • Address: Ngapali Beach - Thandwe Township Ngapali - 11221 - Myanmar
  • Website: http://www.diamondngapali.com
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