Champasak Palace Hotel is elegantly located in the heart of Pakse District, the capital city of Champasak Province. lt was originally constructed to be a palace of Jao Boon Oum, the last king of life (Jao Ma Ha Chee Vit) in southern Laos. The palace was built in 1969 and was not finished when Jao Boon Oum left Laos and took a refuge in France in 1975. in Champasak palace
Hotel has a main 7-floor building,which was supported by none main poles but several poles instead. Only the building was finished in 1975

Being counted 1,900 doors and windows, the palace is named çThousand-room pavilioné Doors and windows are sculptured in astonishing Laotian style. ln 2004,the palace was renovated, still remaining its former charms, to be a convenient and modern hotel with exemplary facilites. Aiming to be the best hotel in the southern Laos,Champasak Palace Hotel offers hospitalities and the finest service to every visitor. Feel and experience the best staying in southern Laos at Champasak Palace Hotel.


  • Address: P.O Box 718 - Pakse - Champasak Province - Laos
  • Website: http://www.champasakpalacehotel.com
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