Cambodia’s coastline has some wonderful beaches. They may not have featured prominently in tourist photographs over the years but as a result of the increasing number of people visiting this part of Indochina they are certain to in the future.  Sihanoukville is the place to go. Some of the coastline is rocky and other parts increasingly busy with tourists on Cambodia tour packages but there is plenty of opportunity to find somewhere quiet. A boat trip to the offshore islands is another great experience. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving or simply fish as you enjoy the stunning environment.

Sihanoukville Beach

There are a few beaches to consider:
• Ocheteaul Beach is 3 kilometres long to the east of Sihanoukville and offers plenty of facilities for tourists: refreshments, Khmer and Western, accommodation and chairs. The beach ends in the south at a rocky point where the river enters the sea.

• Serendipity Beach is a continuation and is quiet by day but busy as night falls. It is not the best area for swimming but the setting is beautiful. Anyone wanting boat trips to the islands will be able to book them here in an area that has become the main shopping district.

• Victory Beach to the west though it is largely private and under development.

• Independence Beach is nothing but sand. There are a few restaurants but this is likely to be the quietest beach most days.

• Sokha Beach is reserved for guests at the Resort Hotel of the same name. Non guests can pay a fee to enter this 1.5 kilometre stretch of sand as well as the Hotel’s facilities.

• Hawaii Beach is well shaded by pine trees and there are a few restaurants as well as boats to hire to visit such as Snake Island which just a short distance away.

• Otres Beach just out of town is rapidly becoming popular with accommodation and water sports facilities available.

• The beaches on the Islands are excellent and there are bungalows for rent for those that want to stay.

There is some much to see on Cambodia tour packages and indeed on Indochina tour packages on a larger scale. It is nice to have some time to relax and it is sometimes easy to remember the wonderful coastline, stunning beaches and clear blue seas. Whether visiting Sihanoukville beaches for a couple of days to recharge your batteries or to finish a holiday it is certainly worth the time spent.

The rainy season draws to a close during November and the best time to visit on Cambodia tour packages continue from then around to April as they begin again. Average temperatures will be around 30C all year round and can only rarely drop to 20C.

The road trip by bus from Siem Reap is 12 hours or more while Phnom Penh is half that time. However Sihanoukville has an airport with three connections a week with Siem Reap. Some come by boat from Thailand. The rail connection with Phnom Penh is purely freight. Whichever way you take to get to these beaches, it will be worth the effort.



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