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Kampot Travel Guide | Cambodia Destinations

Kampot Travel Guide

This small town in south east Cambodia and is regarded as the gateway to Bokor National Park. It sits on a river, a great place to relax. People head for the river after sunset when the place comes alive.

Tourism has become an increasing factor in Kampot’s life but it is perhaps best known for its pepper, previously regarded as among the best in the world. The Durian, which tastes better than it smells (it would be impossible not to) is one of the fruits of the immediate area while the river adds fish to the local cuisine.

Kampot travel guide

The dry season starting a few weeks before Christmas and lasting until almost the arrival of May is the peak tourist season when Cambodia tour packages bring the majority of visitors. Many come by bus with excellent links to and from Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Those on organised tours will have everything arranged for them, transport and any accommodation required in the region.

The river and the surrounding hills hold the main attractions of Kampot which itself has a growing population of around 40,000, an increasing number of whom are involved in tourism:

• Bokor National Park and the French built hill station attract numbers, especially those looking for slightly cooler weather which was why the Hill Station was built in the first place. There is very little chance of a tiger which may soon be completely extinct. However there is other wildlife and birds. The waterfalls are certainly worth a look and trekking in the wonderful jungle is a real experience though novices should think twice unless accompanied by seasoned hikers.

• Fishing Island is just a short distance away and provides an insight into local life. The freshest fish you could possibly taste is available here.

• Teuk Chhouu offers a chance to swim or simple relaxation with refreshments available; coffee and fruit primarily.

• Phnom Chhnork has caves with shrines that predate Angkor. It is a pleasant drive through paddy fields and tiny villages.

The Pepper Farms are certainly worth a visit. There are guided tours in several different languages and are the best place to buy pepper because the markets rarely sell the real thing. They often come from other regions or even Vietnam. Those on organized Cambodia tour packages will certainly get the opportunity to get the real thing.

The examples of colonial buildings to see include the Residence of the Governor, the Department of Mines and the Red Cross Building. There are several Buddhist Wats with Wat Treuy Koh the first to make towards.  There are a couple of Chinese Temples as well.

Markets are always interesting in South East Asia. There is everything you can imagine in Kampot’s market; local produce and fish. The Night Market has some children’s rides, refreshments and a range of clothing and shoes.

Indochina tour packages cover five countries that have several similarities but a few differences. Cambodia makes a real contribution to such tours and Kampot rightly deserves some attention within the Country.



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