Battambang Travel Guide

The capital city of Battambang Province in North West Cambodia was founded in the 11th Century during the Khmer Empire. The city carries the provincial name and was its commercial centre. It was later capital of Siam’s province, Inner Cambodia during the 19th Centre, with the majority people Khmer with some Chinese, Thai, Lao and Vietnamese.

It has good links with Phnom Penh and Thailand making it an obvious inclusion both in Cambodia tour packages and on a broader level Indochina tour packages.

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The city has some of the best remaining examples of French colonial architecture in Cambodia; the French took the Province from the Siamese in 1907 to reunite it with much of what is now Cambodia under the umbrella of French Indochina.

The Sangkae River runs through the City with bridges guaranteeing the connection of the two banks. It became one of the best developed regions of Cambodia though its airport is rarely used. Buses come from Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap as the best means of coming and going though in the dry season a river trip is a leisurely way to get from Siem Reap.

The rainy season is May to October inclusive with temperatures fairly constant throughout the year. The popularity of Cambodia tour packages reflect the seasons. The fact that the seasons vary throughout the whole region mean that Indochina tour packages are likely to get some rain but that barely retracts from any holiday.
There is plenty to see:

• Kamping Puoy Lake is between two local mountains and is best known for its giant lotus flowers. It is 2 kms wide and almost 20 kms long.

• Baset Temple dates back to the 11th Century and looks down on the village.

• Wat Ek Phnom is also 11th Century and is 14 kms from Battambang in Piem Ek.

• Prasat Banan was finally finished early in the 13th Century and is situated at a height of 400 metres in Banan.

• Prasat Snung has three separate stupas and typifies the architecture of the 12th Century.
Phnom Sampov is a small natural resort with a temple, three wells; a great natural environment. Sek Sek Resort is another alternative stretching along the river.

Battambang deserves to be part of Cambodia tour packages and those who return home after their holiday will certainly take away fond memories. Perhaps that is a good reason to come back again in the future?



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