The most beautiful valleys in Vietnam

The valleys in the world are still home to many treasures to discover. Fortunately, Vietnam also has many beautiful valleys that will be great destination for adventure enthusiasts.

Discover Vietnam and let yourself be tempted by a trip to the North of Vietnam and discover its 5 most beautiful valleys.

1. Muong Hoa

muonghoa valley sapa tour

Located 10 km south-east of Sapa, perched 1000 meters above sea level, the valley of Muong Hoa deserves your discovery. This beautiful valley will offer you an impressive show of large terraced rice fields and a discovery of the villages where several ethnic minorities live: Hmong Noir, Giay, ZDao Rouge live in harmony with nature still savage. A simple and accessible one-day hike will take you through the river, through the terraced fields and discover isolated villages: Lao Chai, Y Linh Ho ... It will be a promise of an exceptional encounter.

2. Muong Lo

mucangchai valley vietnamtour

Located in Yen Bai province, Muong Lo (Nghia Lo) is the second largest rice valley in the North. This area is the habitat of the white Thais who live from rice growing. A hike through the villages is always the best way to discover the beauty of this immense valley. In fact, it will offer you landscapes so magnificent: yellow rice fields as far as the eye can see when rice harvesting, beautiful mountains and an opportunity to soak up an authentic life and rudimentary almost unchanged for centuries of the Thais.

3. Mai Chau

maichau valley vietnam

Mai Chau is a charming green valley surrounded by beautiful karst mountains located about 140 km south-west of Hanoi. Despite the development of tourism, this valley retains its charm and its authenticity. If you are looking for a place not too far from Hanoi to live in nature and discover a culture, Mai Chau is the best choice. In fact, here, enjoying a bike ride or walking, you will find immense green rice fields as far as the eye can see in May or golden in June, surrounded by impressive karst mountains. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet the Thai Whites who welcome you with open arms and invite you to taste their local specialties. Your trip to Vietnam will become more rewarding and enjoyable.

4. Bac Son Valley

bacson valley vietnam

The Bac Son Valley is still an off-the-beaten destination for local tourists as well as foreign travelers. Located in the mountainous province of Lang Son, 160 km northeast and Hanoi, this beautiful valley, surrounded by limestone mountain of 500m to 1200m high is known for its breathtaking picturesque scenery. Once there, do not miss to climb to the top of Mount Na Lay which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the valley. In addition, a hike through the villages will take you to discover an authentic life of minorities.

5. Tu Le

tule valley vietnam tour

In National Road No. 32 in the direction of Mu Cang Chai District, Tu Le is a village next to the Khau Pa Pass in Van Chan District in Yen Bai Province. This region is still far from the mass tourism that adapts well to those who seek a discovery off the beaten track. Its fabulous landscapes are characterized by its high mountains, rice terraces as far as the eye can see, and villages of ethnic minorities. This place is also known for the warm river all year round, the “com” (young sticky rice pounded) and sticky steamed rice that is eaten with grilled chicken. A real delight to savor while admiring the rice fields!

Go for it! You will definitely fall in love with these stunning valleys!

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