Vietnam launches 30-day e-visa

Do you use e-visa to apply for a visa when traveling abroad?

We have good news for those who wish to travel to Vietnam that year. Travelers can now apply for a Vietnam.

What is e-visa?

E-visa is an electronic visa that can be ordered online.

E-visa of Vietnam

The Vietnamese government recently launched an electronic visa system for foreign tourists visiting Vietnam. According to a government directive issued in late January, citizens of 40 countries will be eligible for electronic visas from the 1 February.

e visa for vietnam tour

The traveler can now book the 30 day e-visa for Vietnam. 3 sites proposed to apply for an electronic visa

- In Vietnamese:

- In English


You have to fill in a form available the 3 separate sites (one in Vietnamese and two in English) managed by the Ministry of Public Security. You will then receive an application code and will be asked to pay a non – refundable fee online. This visa costs 25 USD.

Applying Vietnam visa with the mentioned website (government'sites) can be reliable but it is lower than visa service provided by Vietnam travel companies. Again, the stamping fee($25/person) is non-refundable in case of having problem with passport, etc. Indochinavalue suggests that you use, the processing fee is just from US$6 per person, but much faster.

Vietnam launches 30 day e-visa

It will take 3 working days for tourists to find out if your application has been approved or not. This visa must be presented to customs at one of the eight international airports in Vietnam, including Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh city, Noi An in Hanoi and Da nang in Centre, 13 international gateways and at 9 maritime ports. It is advisable to print this visa before leaving.

Do not hesitate! Come and discover this beautiful country now!

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