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What to do? Or What to see? are commonly questions that visitors want to know as they prepare for a long journey. There is no doubt to say that Ha Giang is a paradise for adventure and nature lovers, ecootourists and trekkers. Specially, travel to Ha Giang, you should not miss a chance to join a festival there. The place is really a highlight of any Vietnam tour package.

+ Ha Giang Spring Fesstival: Like many all ethnic groups across contry, when a new year comes, it means a new crop. People in Ha Giang, especially is the Dao people hold the Spring festival on Lunar New Year to pray for good weather, a bumper harvest, prosperous life, and peace. The festival tray includes boiled chicken, square cake, honey rice cake,etc.

+ Ha Giang Fire dancing festival: It is Pa Then's festival which still remains many traditional festivals and customs, in which fire dancing festival is the most unique. The festival will start from mid-october lunar calendar until New Year. Before starting the festival, a sorcerer will do liturgy. they will prepare a rite's tray including incense, a chicken, 10 cups of wine and paper money. Then, they burn a big fire in order that the sorcerer begins the rite. The liturgy will take place in around 1 - 2 hours. As the sorcerer beats the guitar, each youth will sit facing with him and start dancing. They jump into the fire without fear or sensation. One person can join the dance several times to show strength and agility. Nowadays, the fire dancing festival of Pa Then village still prserved intact.

+ Ha Giang praying for rain festival: It's the festival of Lo Lo ethnic people in Meo Vac to pray for rain. The festival takes place every March when climate is quite and trees lack water. In the past, rich people in village used to pay for the rite of festival. Nowadays, all villagers contribute an item including a chicken, a dog or one kilogram of rice. All items are taken to the hourse of sorcerer. The festival included two parts: the ritual and the festival. People there believe that during time from three to nine days after organizing the festival, it will rain. The praying for rain festival is a typical culture with unique characteristics. This is also an opportunity for villagers to show their faith in God.

+ Ha Giang forest festival: this is festival of Pu Peo ethnic people who still preserved many liturgies. They organized the festival on June 6th lunar calendar with the most solemn rites in the forbidden forest. The sorcerer will face a big tree and bow in the ground to pay dryad for protecting village.

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