Best time to visit Hanoi

Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam, is a culture and financial center, where attracts many tourists every year. The city not only has a long history but also includes many magnificent temples and colonial architecture. Travel to Hanoi, visitors will have a change to immerse in four distinctive seasons and each seasons hide typical characters.

hanoi travel guide best time

In spring or fall, the weather is cool. It can be a perfect time to visit Hanoi. Especially, if you travel to Hanoi in autum - season of falling leaves, when most of trees turn yellow, you will get memorable moments.

In summer, the weather is very hot. It's difficult for visitors to spend long hours outside. In July, temperatures even can reach more than 100oF. March and April is quite good time with temperatures in the 60oF to low 70oF. However, you can visit between September and November. The temperatures are in 80oF and cool down in October, with the highest temperatures reaching low 80oF.

In October to April to advoid the rainy season, especially, if you want to plan day trips out of Hanoi and into the countryside. 

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