Best time to visit Laos Pleasant climates and friendly people await you
Laos is commonly referred to as The Land of a Million Elephants.

Laos is a wonderful and diverse country. Kindness and respect are two words which are often used to describe this wondrous country.

Thousands of years of old traditions and heritage perfectly compliment it's lush landscapes and wonderful people.

Modern Laos is seemingly untouched by the western world and a visit to Laos gives anyone who visits the chance to escape to a country with innocent and untouched landscapes and beauty at its heart.

Laos was ruled by the French throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, much of the architecture throughout the country has a subtle and delicate french influence.  Many of the cities are graced with french colonial buildings perfectly complimented by the manycentury old ancient temples

Laos as a country dates back to the 14th century and was slowly built and formed into the country you will be able to explore today. Laos has seen little influence from the outside world.

Laos is known for incredibly friendly, happy people. Visitors are greeted with sincere warmth which makes visiting the country and pleasure and enjoyable experience.

This land locked country has a fairly stable weather system, which means it it typically limited to two weather seasons.

Many tourists find that you can travel Laos all year round. The lack of coastline means the weather is more stable than it’s more common neighbours; Cambodia & Vietnam.

Laos' weather system is relatively normal compared with much of Asia; consisting of a dry season (October to late April) and a wet season (May to late September).

Temperatures throughout the country are also greatly affected by altitude with much of the country at a level that reduces the country’s average temperatures by several °C.

Typically the north and central Laos are at a slightly higher altitude, leaving them open to a cooler climate, especially when compared to the South.

Whilst the South which is hidden in the depths of the Mekong River valley you will find the humidity is higher and temperatures in excess of 35°C can be expected between March and April.

Throughout the months of May to July the South is very hot and rainfall is often short lived, whilst in the latter months (late July until September) the rains become more constant and can be heavy at times, especially in southern parts of the country.

The further North you travel, rainfall tends to be lighter and you can often expect rain dur-ing the night or mornings with some relatively clear afternoons.

Across Laos, throughout much of the rainy season, daytime temperatures average around 29°C in the lowlands and 23°C in the mountain valleys.

The South - Vientiane
The best time to visit the South of Laos is November to February. Rainfall is limited and evenings are balmy and warm. The Souths proximity to the Mekong River makes the weather more interchangeable.

The city of Vientiane sits close to the border with Thailand and lays alongside the bank of the Mekong River.

Thank you to the early influence of its early ancestors, the city is graced with impressive buddha temples and sculptures. Temples as high as three storey buildings and sculptures laced in pure gold.

Pha That Luang stands proud in the centre of the city and is a large golden buddha temple, it is believed to date back to the 3rd century.

best time to visit laos

Central - Luang Prabang (UNESCO world heritage Centre)
Central Laos weather system is typically stable, being close to vegetation and lush coun-tryside.

The relaxed city of Luang Prabang is surrounded by jungle andhas a typical tropical-monsoon climate which tends to be cooler. The dry season is split into two halves, with the latter months being the hottest.

If you are happy to throw on a raincoat visit Luang December to January, where you will find temperatures sitting around 17°C. Although if you like the bask in the sunshine and be greeted with clear blue skies when you wake in the morning April to May is the ideal time to visit.

Luang Prabang known for its many Buddhist temples, including the gilded Wat Xieng Thong, dating to the 16th century, and Wat Mai, once the residence of the head of Laotian Buddhism.

Luang Prabang offers you a laid back and relaxed atmosphere, where locals will greet you like you are old family friends.

best time to travel in laos

The North - Ethnic Villages
A destination often preferred by backpackers. The infamous Banana pancake trail takes in some of the prettiest sites in Laos. Much of the North is covered with jungle and impressive displays of river life.

Due to the jungle surrounding much of the North, the weather is cooler and wetter than the rest of the country. This does mean you are graced with plush, green views across impressive open spaces.

You will have a lot of opportunity to trek, explore and embrace traditional life you will not get to experience anywhere else in Asia.

Laos offers a diverse and incredible chance to visit a country still untouched by western life. The pleasant year round climates will suit everyone.

Take a trip to Laos and you will not be disappointed; from North to South you will see incredible sites, learn about its difficult history and meet some of the nicest people in the world.

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