Kratie Travel Guide

Kratie is a small town and province in the north east of Cambodia that remains fairly remote. It is yet to get on to the main tourist routes but with back packers enjoying such areas there is accommodation for those on a budget.

The roads in Cambodia can be a challenge at times in the rainy season yet the route from the south is fairly good. It is less so to the north and the Laos border. If you spend some time around Kratie there are a few things to see and do:

Kratie travel guide

• Phnom Sombok is a temple north of town on the only hill around. Inside there are paintings of torture scenes.

• Sambor is a really old settlement in which Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi is the highlight even though it is a reconstruction of the original. It is 40 km from Kratie and has a small turtle sanctuary.

• Local villages are known for their basket weaving and are worth a visit in general.

• Kampi, just a few kilometres north of Kratie is a great place to see the Irrawaddy Dolphin. There is less than 100 in the whole of the River. The dry season is the best for seeing them in groups but there is no particular time of day.

• Bird watchers will enjoy the area with the Mekong Wagtail the species of most interest. Indeed there are many trails worth following near the Mekong, all perfectly safe.

As Cambodia is becoming more popular so are the things that are being included in Cambodia tour packages. Good tour operators obviously select the highlights of the country but are also will to producetailor made Cambodia holidays that reflect the interests of their clients. In such a hectic world an increasing number are looking for remote destinations where it is possible to enjoy a virgin environment and life as it has been for many generations. Kratie qualifies as a place for those to visit.



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