Kep Travel Guide

The coastline of Cambodia is becoming increasingly popular. The resort of Kep in the Province of the same name was popular with locals years ago until the Khmer Rouge changed the course of Cambodian history. Fortunately its days were numbered and with Cambodia’s re-emergence as a tourist destination, Kep is starting to benefit. There are still remnants from its previous history with old villas in ruins still evident within the town.  

The beautiful white sand from Otres Beach near Sihanoukville has created a real gem while Koh Tonsay (Rabbit) island just 20 minutes away by long boat is a second choice. It has remained fairly quiet and there are some guesthouses if you want to stay. If you head east towards Vietnam there is Angkaul Beach.

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It is the peaceful environment that marks out Kep from other resorts. The freshly caught seafood served up to those on Cambodia tour packages adds to the whole experience. The best crabs in Cambodia is the claim. You can buy crabs in the market and have them cooked there and then or take them back to your hotel for cooking.

If you simply want to lie on the beach you are welcome to do so. Sometimes that can be all you might want to do after a hectic schedule.

The bus journey from the Capital Phnom Penh is up to five hours on a fairly good road while Sihanoukville is three hours closer. Kampot is much closer and if you are able it is worth stopping to see the caves en route.There are 3 main caves with the best probably Kompong Trach 30 kilometres away. The limestone is beautiful and there is the chance to swim.

The National Park is interesting; pristine jungle with a decent amount of wildlife and trails that you can follow. There is nothing to fear from the fauna because unfortunately a glimpse of a tiger is extremely unlikely.

The region is known for its pepper; it used to be regarded as the best pepper in the world. Beware because local markets surprisingly rarely sell the local pepper. It is more likely to come from other regions and even Vietnam, often with chemicals added.

Ha Tien is the Vietnamese border town to the east and there are bus connections. The neighbouring countries have much in common and Indochina tour packages provide the opportunity to tourists to get a flavour of them all.



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