The Bousra Waterfall in Pech Chenda District close to Sen Monorom is a three tier waterfall, arguably the most impressive in the whole of Cambodia. Its size varies between the rainy and dry seasons with the third tier not accessible to tourists because of the dense jungle. This is the strongest part of the Falls whatever the season.You can go behind the Falls and swim in its pools if you wish. In the dry season the drop is greater but the waterfall is perhaps just a couple of metres wide. During the middle of the rainy season that width can be 8 metres or more.

Bousra waterfall

The entrance is at the lowest of the 3 levels and this is a great place to have a picnic and look up at the descending water. Across the bridge you will see a clearing revealing the next level
The Waterfall is in Mondulkiri Province, the home of the indigenous Bunong people and their elephants. It is a forested region of rivers and waterfalls which trekkers on Cambodia tour packages are bound to view as paradise. It is the largest province in Cambodia but with the smallest population.

There is a chance of leopard and bear as well as the elephants though it is bird watchers who are likely to see more to interest them than those expecting to see a range of animals. There are elephant treks taking tourists to remote shrines and cemeteries associated with animist religions rather than Buddhism.

Sen Monorom is the provincial capital best known for its thatched homes on stilts. Some trekkers may decide to stay around for a few days; they will find guesthouses in Sen Monorom if that is what they decide to do.

The whole region is cooler than lower lying parts of Cambodia and it is a place yet to be touched by major tourist numbers. Phnom Penh is currently around 8 hours away by road though road improvements should reduce that time in the future.



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