Top things to do in Cambodia

Once again it is the season to an intended destination for your vacation. Do not worry because of this year, there is only one destination on everyone’s mouth, and that is Cambodia. Your bucket list could be long such that it becomes impossible to accomplish anything on this Cambodia travel. You can take a combined Cambodia and Vietnam tour that will ultimately blow your mind. There are many things to do in Cambodia. You might be having several ideas running through your mind from all the suggestions that swarm all over. Be ready for a holiday of a lifetime, and there is only one destination this season.

Put the crazy hustle and challenging budgets that strain your muscles when planning for a vacation tour behind your mind. Cambodia offers its visitors more than just tour. The country offers memories and adventures that you will cherish for a lifetime. The Cambodia and Vietnam tour will keep you wanting for another epic experience with what the country has to offer. No one will blame on you if you want to move to the country already. Let us see the top ten things to do in Cambodia travel.

Visit Sihanoukville
Nothing screams vacation like white sandy beaches, long stretch of islands and the calm blue waters. The Sihanoukville is the best destinations for travelers owing to the incredible food and amenities such as diving area and cheap drinks. The deserted Island maintains a level of a mystery of the town. You can visit the beach and enjoy a drink while having a chat with friends. The nearby Vagabond temple is also an awesome destination while in the town. The serene environment and the fresh air that meets your nose make it a better place to spend a night and let loose.

Tonle Sap
You can go Kayaking or a simple boat ride along the finest Tonle Sap River while taking in the Cambodian water beauty. If you love the life on the water, you can go on a one day cruise for as low as $2.50 while enjoying the sunset and the quiet Tonle Sap.

Tour the Kep town
You can never get enough of the coastal life in a Cambodia travel. The Kep town offers a quiet and peaceful part of Cambodia. The city is located on the beach and is a perfect location for a quiet time with the family or on a honeymoon tour. You can run and play at the empty beach or enjoy a quiet meal of the famous pepper crab.

Camping at the Capital
The Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh is a fascinating place to visit. The place has experience transformations owing to developments, but it still holds its wealth in beauty by the river. You can camp by the river and share your night with the blend of Phnom Penh city and nature.
Hiking at the Bokor National Park

It goes without saying that Cambodia is one country with rich culture and unperturbed nature. You will tour the French ruins that date back to the habitation of the French aristocrats. The French nobles chose the location because of its proximity to the nearby Sihanoukville beach.

Explore the Cambodian culture
From a combined Cambodia and Vietnam tour, you will learn a lot of the Vietnamese and Cambodian cultures in one go. On this Cambodia trip, the Battambang is the destination for the real Cambodian life. The French architecture that greets you when you enter the area is fantastic. The city hosts impressive temples and is the home for fresh farm produce.

The Prasat Preah Vihear
It is not a trip without a tour to the Beautiful temple at the mountain. The tourist destination has caused controversy with the neighboring Thailand which claims the temple belongs to them.

Heard of the floating villages?
Did you visit the Mekong delta in Vietnam? Well, Cambodia has three floating villages including the Chong Khneas floating village. It is thrilling to see people carrying out their daily activities while floating on their bamboo houses as well as doing business.

Trek through the Koh Kong
The terrain at Cambodia is one that offers you different opportunities to trek and hike. The Island of Koh Kong is the best place to hang out and relax at the beach. You can enjoy boat rides from the Island to the shore or trek through the natural vegetation at the Island.   

Test your appetite
When it comes to tasty and finger-licking delicacies, Cambodia is the place to be. Get your craving prepared and be ready to control it. You will never have enough with the variety of cultural food that has delicious recipes.

During the tour, you can put your cooking skills to test with the savory pastries, the fish curries, and other coconut dishes. The combination of the Vietnamese and the neighboring Thailand cuisine makes the food more appetizing.

The ancient Angkor Wat.
The Angkor Wat is the epitome of the Cambodia travel. The narrative of the old city will blow your mind once you visit the ruins. The magnificent Angkor Wat is the greatest monument ever built through time. The religious monument is a sight to behold with its unique architecture and detail. Angkor Wat gives you the perfect description of ancient kingdoms and dynasties. The famous remains of the largest Kingdom have fought the wrath of nature and the stubborn vegetation from the 9th century. However, the city was in operation for approximately six times before its downfall in the 15th century. The Bayon temple which still struggles to maintain its walls upright stands in the middle of the city. Although the walls of old town face interference from large trees and strong roots that seem to know their origin, the interaction, makes the city much more breathtaking.

Soar the heights
You will appreciate the beauty and the spectacular landscapes of Cambodia from an Ariel view.  You can ride on the hot air balloons as you enjoy a beautiful sunset evening with your partner.  

Grab your souvenir
Your Cambodia travel allows you to let your shopping urges loose. Shop until you feel your cart with souvenirs from the beautiful country. It is only in Cambodia that you get the best of a holiday. Grab your ticket today and start ticking off that bucket list.

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